A Coffee Table Chat with Harsh Badheka Masroor, Author – Bebas Hai Raat (Poetry)


We bring you today an exclusive interview of a Debut poet ““Harsh Badheka Masroor” for his poetry book “Bebas Hai Raat”.. Let us know more about the Author..

Q1.  Tell us something about yourself?

Ahh. Well I would say – A person always looking out for ways to play with words. Also, I have been working as an Assistant Director. Latest one has been Happy Bhag Jaayegi.

Q2. When did you decided to take up acting as your profession? And what was your first assignment?

I started acting in my school days. I did quite a few commercial ads back then. I got a proper kick start when I was working with Pradeep Sarkar and Soojit Sircar in the Horlicks Ad – “Epang Opang Japang”.

Q3. When did you thought to start writing poetry?

I used to pen down my thoughts constantly. I never knew what poetry was and I still don’t know it. It’s a huge world entirely and I’m trying to be perfect at it.

Q4. Actor cum poet how do you manage both the things together?

Currently, I’ve been focusing more on Direction and Writing. I’ll get back to Acting soon.. Once you like what you do, it’s not hard to manage.

Q5. How did you find the publisher of your poetry book? How was your experience working with them?

Educreation Publication will be publishing the book.. It wasn’t that tough to reach them. The experience has been great.

Q6.  How did your acting friends react to your poems? Did they give you any suggestions?

They were all surprised and wished to see my new side. Some of them were shocked too!

Q7. What is the hardest thing about writing poetry?

I am still looking for that answer.

Q8. How are you marketing your book?

Marketing it through Social Media Sites. I think that works more and effectively these days. Shruti Kulkarni is doing the PR for my book.

Q8. Tell us some interesting facts associated with the book?

A bit of moon, vision of life and a touch of peace. Rest is for you to find out.

Q9. Apart from writing or Acting what are your hobbies?

Long Drives, Gyming. Also, I’m a Food Lover!

Q10. “Harsh” as an actor or “Harsh” as a Poet which is better. Kindly rate yourself?

In the coming time, I think both would work better.

Q11. Are you planning to write a full novel? If yes then what will be its genre..

Novel…not thought of it…but yes i would definitely want to write a film I’ve not thought about a novel, but I would definitely would want to write a Film.

Q12. Do you have any strange writing habit? Tell the readers about it?

I do not have ant strange writing habit, but a little obsession with the moon and that’s what motivates me the most.

Q13.  Do you read books? What are your favorite books?

I do read books, not much but I do have my favourite authors – Nida Fazli and Ahmed Faraz.

Q14. Do you think the cover plays an important part in buying the book?

The cover does play an important role to a certain extent, but personally I feel that the matter inside the book makes the real major difference for the reader.

Q15. What message would you like to give to your readers?

Well, if you are a Hindi Freak, you love to read Poems and you want to find out my obsession secret with the moon, you ought to read the book! I’m sure you would love reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

We wish all the very best to Harsh for his debut book. It was great talking to him.