A Quick Chat with Vikrant Shukla, Author of Call Center- An Inside Story

  1. Tell us something about the genre of the books that you have written.

My debut novel was “Call Centre – An Inside Story”, which was a fiction representing the life of four friends working in a Call Centre. This book also dealt with a complicated and tabooed issue of our society, sex and after effects of illicit relationships. The title of my second novel was “The Wrong Chase”. It was a crime thriller fiction which revolved around the fact that assumptions and presumptions are not always correct. Yet to be published novel is “Life – A Sucking Trap” which is again a fiction novel. The storyline of this novel revolves around the trap of multi-level marketing and it will be an eye opener for a lot of people who are willing to get quick money. This novel is with one of the best editors and will be published soon. I have signed a contract for my fourth novel with a relatively new publisher and the title of that novel is “Billycan Hill – Ring of Beelzebub”. It is an urban fantasy thriller and it is all about the mighty ring of the satanic king. It is going to be a scary ride for the readers.

  1. How did you get the ideas for your books? You don’t seem to be following a particular genre.

Yes, I can’t write about just one genre, I want to keep my writing journey free flowing, not stereotyping myself. My debut novel was inspired by my own experiences working with the Call Centre industry for close to nine years. I wanted the people to experience the real life inside the big buildings of glass. The second book was just a work of pure fiction. I was also stuck at certain points while I was trying to make the suspense strong. As I mentioned already, my third book is about the network marketing trap, it might help some people to stay away from the alluring business proposals. My fourth book is all about black magic and the inspiration was taken from a real life black magic practitioner.

  1. Who were you referring to as the Best Editor?

My third book is to be published by Penguin and the best editor is none other than VaishaliMathur. She helped me realize and correct the most important things and helped remove unnecessary content from the book, which could have prevented the flow of the story. Due to her valuable suggestions, the storyline is much better now.

  1. Tell us what do you do for living?

I work for a Multi-National Company, where I manage the Quality Department.

  1. How do you manage work-life balance?

It is not difficult for me as I stay alone. I am not a party animal either, so finding time to write never was a challenge for me.

  1. When do you write? How often do you write?

I write whenever I feel inspired to write. I tried making a schedule to sit and write as per the time table but I failed every time. I soon realized that you need to be in a mood to write. It is an art, you need to have the ideas flowing in your mind. However, weekends are my favourite days to write, when I am away from my professional pressures.

  1. Do you believe in Writer’s block? What are your thoughts on overcoming it?

Yes, I believe in writer’s block. I also have a mental block that I cannot write a love story. I tried but failed! My mind just refuses to participate when it comes to writing a love story. For me, I think, there is no way a writer can overcome his mental block, if someone is not good at something, he should not even try. I believe, a writer should write, what he feels like writing.

  1. Did you take any creative writing course?

No, I just started writing and I don’t think a course is really required to be an author. If someone is willing to become a professional editor or is looking to get a job in some publication house, then it is required to have a professional degree/diploma.

  1. Tell us about your favorite authors and books?

I love to read J.K.Rowling and Dan Brown. All of their books are my favourites.

  1. What is the best feedback you’ve received from a reader?

I still remember, after my first book was launched, I started getting fan mails and one of them said, “I never respected my son as he is working in a call centre however after reading your book, I realized that a disciplined and structured approach is followed in the call centreindustry. I respect my son now.” – I was overwhelmed and I still feel proud of the fact that I was able to change someone’s prejudice.

  1. Are you working on some manuscript currently?

I am currently working on two manuscripts, one of them is in English and the other one is in Hindi. For the first time I am writing a novel in Hindi language. The one in English is titled as “God’s Courtroom – Meeting Celestial Krishna”, as the name suggests, it is all about Krishna however it is not a typical spiritual book. It is about a person’s arguments with Krishna. The one in Hindi is a ‘Horror Story’.

  1. Oh Wow! You are writing a book in Hindi. Please tell us more about it.

The book is dedicated to my mother. Unfortunately, she is not able to understand English and she once said that she would like to read my books. It touched me, I thought and thought over it again. I decided to make her dream come true. Going forward, I will keep on writing in Hindi as well as in English.

  1. Any plans to cross over and become a full time writer?

Not now. I have a long way to go but for sure in the future, maybe someday.

  1. Words of wisdom for our wannabe authors?

I have been through the phase of rejections. It can be a nightmare for anyone who is writing his first manuscript with a lot of emotions attached to it. If the manuscript is rejected, don’t be demotivated, it is just that an evaluator didn’t like your proposal. Keep having faith in God, keep on improving the manuscript and keep on submitting your manuscript with different publishers. There are a lot of options for authors now a days. If any big publishing house is not willing to take a chance with you, self-publishing is also an option now a days.


Author’s Bio:


Vikrant Shukla started his writing journey with Call Centre – An Inside Story, Which was a bestseller and carried him in the most influential contemporary writers. He continued his journey and amazed his readers with a thriller novel, The Wrong Chase. His third book, Life – A Sucking Trap, is soon to be published by Penguin Books.

The Author is known to be writing on different genres and not typically stereotyping himself writing on a pattern, his imagination is off track which tickles at times, and to continue with what he is known for, his fourth novel, The Billycan Hill, which is an urban fiction, will soon be published after his third novel.

Vikrant is an MBA (Human Resource and Financial Management). He is a music lover and loves to sing and compose in his leisure time.

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