Crafting Aphoristic Insights with Dr. Shashi Tharoor


When the Storizen team inquired about the collaboration between Shashi and Joseph for their book “The Less You Preach, The More You Learn,” Shashi recounted the genesis of their partnership. In 2007, he established an academy for business communication in Thiruvananthapuram, with the goal of enhancing the spoken English and comprehension skills of educated Malayalis. It was during this time that he forged a close friendship and professional bond with Joseph Zacharias, who was a prematurely retired government servant who could teach English.

This enduring relationship eventually blossomed into a collaborative effort resulting in the creation of a distinctive book of aphorisms, drawing from Joseph’s profound insights and Shashi Tharoor’s contemplations on life. This cover story delves into the narrative of their partnership and the invaluable wisdom they seek to impart to their readers.

Going further about discussing the book on an insightful level, this book “The Less You Preach, The More You Learn” is a captivating compilation of over 200 succinct and thought-provoking aphorisms carefully curated by authors Shashi Tharoor and Joseph Zacharias. In this exploration, we delve into the essence of this exceptional book that offers timeless wisdom in a memorable and witty fashion, touching on various aspects of modern life.

Shashi also rendered the following during the conversation with the team which we feel happy and elated to share with our esteemed readers.

Let’s dive into the ocean of impeccable wisdom shared by the WIZARDOUS DUO

The Less You Preach the More You Learn by Shashi Tharoor

Drawing Wisdom from Great Minds

Tharoor and Zacharias draw inspiration from renowned thinkers such as Seneca and Oscar Wilde, skillfully formulating pithy and witty observations that resonate deeply with readers. Joseph’s past collaboration with Tharoor adds a layer of intimacy to the aphorisms, creating a unique blend of perspectives and insights.

The Power of Aphorisms

Aphorisms, one of the oldest literary forms, have the exceptional ability to distill profound truths and wisdom into just a few words. Tharoor and Zacharias harness this power to encourage contemplation, ignite introspection, and entertain readers with their astute and clever observations.

The Journey to Publication

What distinguishes “The Less You Preach, The More You Learn” from other aphorism collections is its narrative about the book’s journey to publication. The introduction offers readers an immersive glimpse behind the scenes, shedding light on the creation of this enlightening book.

The Wisdom Within

While some quotes may seem commonplace, they are brimming with wisdom, satire, and intellect, rendering this book praiseworthy and endearing. It is a companion that merits a place on one’s bedside table, inviting revisitation.

Observations and Personal Growth

Observations are fundamental for personal growth and development. Aphorisms provide a unique opportunity for such reflection. Reading someone else’s statements and realizing their profound truth is a truly exhilarating experience.

Chapter Highlights

Chapter One: The Mysteries of Life

One of the aphorisms in this chapter is, ‘Life teaches us only how to live. We have to teach ourselves how to die,’ reminds us of the interconnectedness of life and death. It encourages a holistic approach to existence, acknowledging both the vitality of living and the inevitability of death.

Chapter Two: Of Human Nature

In this chapter, the aphorism ‘Power is exercised; attraction is evoked’ highlights the distinction between two approaches to influence: exercising power through control and authority, and evoking attraction through genuine connection and appeal. It underscores the effectiveness of the latter, based on mutual respect and trust.

Chapter Three: The Secrets of Success and Happiness

One notable aphorism in this chapter is ‘Aspire to set up institutions, not to run them.’ It offers insights into the political realm, advocating for the creation and strengthening of enduring and accountable institutions for good governance, democracy, and long-term stability.

Chapter Four: The Essence of Wisdom

‘When we argue with people smarter than us we turn them into fools. Therefore, avoiding arguing with people who are dumber than you is one of the profound aphorisms. In summary, this aphorism advises political people or others to be cautious about engaging in debates with intellectually superior adversaries, as it may lead to their political detriment. Instead, it encourages them to choose their battles wisely, opting for debates with individuals who are less intelligent or less skilled in the art of argumentation to maintain their political advantage. It’s a strategic approach to political discourse and debate.

“The Less You Preach, The More You Learn” stands as a delightful voyage into the timeless art of aphorisms, skillfully curated by the astute authors Shashi Tharoor and Joseph Zacharias. Within the pages of this book, they have meticulously composed a compendium of over 200 aphorisms that delve deep into the intricate tapestry of human nature, society, and the human experience. This work not only upholds the tradition of celebrated aphorists but also presents a fresh and contemporary perspective on life’s profound truths.

With a remarkable collection of concise and impactful insights, this book offers readers an opportunity to explore profound wisdom within a few words. The aphorisms encapsulate a diverse range of topics, allowing readers to contemplate the complexities of our world, relationships, and the human condition. Shashi Tharoor and Joseph Zacharias, through their literary craftsmanship, have contributed a valuable addition to the lineage of great aphorists, demonstrating a deep understanding of human existence in the modern age.

“The Less You Preach, The More You Learn” is a treasure trove of concise observations that prompt profound reflection. It serves as a source of enduring wisdom for those who seek enlightenment in the simplicity of words. This book invites readers to partake in a meaningful exploration of life’s intricate truths and to savor the beauty of succinct, yet resonant, wisdom.