Exploring Passion, Fantasy, and the Art of Love with Tessa Bailey

In the world of romance literature, few authors have captured the hearts of readers quite like Tessa Bailey. Her latest release, “Unfortunately Yours,” is a sizzling tale of enemies turned lovers, a trope that has become one of her signature styles. In an exclusive interview, Tessa Bailey shares her insights into the origins of the story, the pressures of writing steamy sex scenes, and her plans for future projects.

Tessa Bailey
Tessa Bailey

Favorite Trope: Enemies to Lovers

When asked about her favorite trope, Tessa Bailey doesn’t hesitate to express her love for the enemies-to-lovers theme. She reveals that while it’s a favorite, she approaches it uniquely, ensuring that her characters’ love for each other is an instant inevitability. “Despite their arguing or differences,” she states, “he has loved her all along.”

Origins of the Story

The characters of Natalie and August, the protagonists of “Unfortunately Yours,” emerged from Tessa Bailey’s creative process with distinct qualities. She describes Natalie as a strong, independent heroine with a vulnerable side. To complement her, she needed a partner who could challenge her while making her feel valued, and August fit the bill perfectly. His stubbornness and honesty provide the verbal affirmations Natalie craves.

Becoming a Celebrated Author

Tessa Bailey humbly recalls her journey into writing romance after the birth of her child, hoping to make her daughter proud and secure future opportunities. She admits that she never expected to achieve the level of success she has. While people buying her books and recognizing her name can feel surreal, it also comes with worries and fears of disappointment.

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Balancing Expectations and Creativity

Dubbed the “Michelangelo of dirty talk,” Tessa Bailey acknowledges that readers expect steamy sex scenes in her books. However, she doesn’t feel pressured to write each scene differently. Instead, she relies on the uniqueness of her characters and their chemistry to guide these intimate moments.

Addressing Criticism

Tessa Bailey addresses the criticism that some romance authors portray destructive relationships positively in sex scenes. She emphasizes that romance is a safe space for exploring fantasies, as readers are savvy enough to differentiate between fiction and reality. For her, consent is non-negotiable in any healthy physical relationship.

Tessa Bailey
Tessa Bailey

What’s Next?

Readers can look forward to Tessa Bailey’s upcoming projects. “Wreck the Halls,” a spicy Christmas rom-com, is set to release on October 3rd. She also hints at a new sports series on the horizon.

Differentiating Fiction and Reality

Tessa Bailey offers advice to young female readers about differentiating between novel characters and real people. She reminds them that consent is the foundation for any healthy physical relationship.

Personal Romance

On a personal note, Tessa Bailey admits that while she is romantic, she wouldn’t classify herself as “very romantic.” Her love language is acts of service, and she expresses her affection by ensuring the happiness of those around her.

Exploring Global Romance

Tessa Bailey has plans to expand her horizons by incorporating romance from other parts of the world into her stories. She’s set one of her books in Ireland and is eager to draw inspiration from her travels.

Unfortunately Yours by Tessa Bailey Book Cover

The Perfect Date

When asked about her idea of a perfect date, Tessa Bailey paints a vivid picture of a romantic fall day. It involves a leisurely bike ride through Central Park, a scenic journey along the Hudson River, and ending the night with a boisterous karaoke session at a cozy pub.

With her candid and insightful responses, Tessa Bailey continues to captivate readers with her stories of love, passion, and the enduring allure of romance. “Unfortunately Yours” is just another testament to her ability to make hearts race and emotions soar in the world of romance literature.