Karma is a bitch and we get what we sowed | Ruchira Khanna

You have written 4 books. Which one is closer to you?

Actually five now!
I just published another fiction novel: RSVP.
Honestly, all are dear to me since it’s my creation

Books involving Indian people blended with the American culture (major writings) – What is your take on the culture abroad? Is it better than India or living there is a tough call to make?

The beauty of culture is that it can be brought along to any country. That’s what I have tried to portray in my novel, “Breathing Two Worlds” However, the question is if you go abroad will you take it along with you? That is dependent on an individual to individual. America is a country of immigrants making it very liberal for those who want to adapt to their culture or even embrace somebody else’s. Thus, making it a feasible stay!

However, India today is no more staunch as what it was in the 20th century thus, making even this country very liberal and allowing the citizens to take a step back when it comes to feasibility and convenience.

You write on modern time challenges faced by Indians abroad, any other genre you tried or would like to try in future?

I have tried a magical realism genre in my recent release where the troubled young adult travels thousands of miles mentally while physically being stationed in one place. With that, he has been able to embrace his past and move forward in his present.


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What are your future plans with the books? Tell us something about your upcoming book(s).

My recent release novel (August 2018) via a fiction tale talks about the significance of family as it explores the thin lines between reality and illusion. It also emphasizes embracing the past and moving on in the present.

A short fiction story is to be released soon where I take the reader on a rollercoaster of emotions as the astral and physical bodies clash due to their egos!

‘Choices’ raises the questions, does fate make a man, or do his desires? Do ambitions and desires actually lead a person to true happiness and fulfillment, or does providence and life-changing events actually show a person the true path to follow? What’s your take on the subject based on Indian context?

Indian or non-Indian…the context is simple 
Karma is a bitch and we get what we sowed. However, we all get to experience ‘free-will’ in any situation, and the choice is ours how to react and act in that time period.


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Tell us about the things you love in your books? Characters, setting/plot etc. Which is your favorite character(s) among your books? Tell us the inspiration behind them.

Honestly, I like everything in my books. It’s my creation after all. With regards to gathering inspiration, I bow thee to the society that we live in. My characters, setting, and the plot is courtesy of them.

What do you feel about the future of women writers in India and abroad? According to you, where the writers most valued and respected?

Writing is a creative process and it does not matter if the writer is a male or a female. And I don’t think the world also cares which sex wrote the book. As long as the story appeals to the reader, there is future for the writer whether it is India or abroad. Value and respect are also based on the appeal of the story from an individual to an individual.

Who is your biggest critic? Apart from all the best-selling numbers, accolades, interviews and fame, what makes YOU feel successful as a writer?

Honestly when I read books; I try to capture the essence of the story, and love to contemplate within. That inspires me to pen such kind of work.
I love writing about issues that stalk the mind of the man via tales of fiction.
I pen books in the contemporary fiction genre and my books go by the tagline, “Books that make you ponder!” Apart from the sales the accolades what makes me most happy is when the reader has to say that this book gave me a “xyz take-home lesson!” I am thrilled beyond words!

What are the most common traps for aspiring authors?

I believe there are many but what I encountered in my writing journey are: To avoid polishing your first draft. That just leads to ruining your creativity since as a writer if you would be wanting to polish every scene every reaction the characters with whom you are playing around with go hide behind a bush. Boom! You are lost!
Just write. Capture the essence first and then polish it further!

As an author, what message you would like to share with the budding authors and writers?

Write what aspires you! You will write with your heart and the words will bleed!

The Interview was first published in the Storizen Magazine October 2018 Issue.