Rendezvous with Dinesh Gupta – Author of 3 Poetry Books

Today, we bring you an interview with Dinesh Gupta – author of 3 poetry books. We enjoyed questioning the author and the author enjoyed answering them for us.

  1. When did you thought to start writing poetry?

I am not able to recall exactly when I wrote my first poetry but I remember I started writing Essay, Debate, Speech, Extempore from 8th standard. Since then it’s going on and I won many prizes at school level.

  1. You are a software engineer as well, how do you manage both your job and writing?

Many people ask me this question that an Engineer and Poet is rare combination. How this become possible. I just say “Engineering is my profession by Poetry is my passion”.

“Shabd Meri Ragon Men KhoonBankarDaudte Hain AurKavita Meri Nason Men Behti Hai”

As far as writing is concerned its was never tough for me because I hardly write by taking pen & paper in hand. I observe things and incidents surrounding me and feel very deeply about them. If I get write words to express my feelings, poetry just flows out. Yes, as far as marketing and reaching to readers is concerned its very tough journey and struggle continuous.


Dinesh Gupta Author


  1. How did it feel when you got features interview on the radio?

 It was on Radio Dwarka and my first audio Interview so it’s very special and it was very nice feelings.

  1. You are a performing poet as well, what and where you first performed? What was the feeling at that moment?

My first performance was at Kitab Khana book store, Mumbai and from there only the journey get started. That was really a very special day for me as it raised my confidence a lot and I experiment various forms of poetry after that on stage.

  1. Can you share the journey of being a poet and getting your first break with your poetry book? (Like how did you get your first book published?)

As I mentioned above, I started writing from 8th standard onwards but poet got hidden behind an engineer due to study pressure. Later on, one day I got chance to listen celebrity poet Dr Kumar Vishvas in 2005 and that was the time which created real spark in me for poetry. After that I started following Kumar very closely and my poetry came into shape and reach to excellence with time. After that, I started sharing my Poetry on social media platform like Facebook, blogs, twitter and I got tremendous response from readers there. There was an element of surprise for me that despite of the fact that readers was liking my poetry much it was getting rejected from all small & big magazine editors. Based on the response from readers I thought I should go for publishing my own poetry book, however it took lots of effort to get the dream fulfilled because that was the time when my Poetry was rejected by all small and & big book publishers. I was almost loosing hope that, one day I will be published Author but after a long wait finally one of the biggest publisher of India Diamond Pocket Books accepted by proposal. I wrote few lines during waiting period.

JaaneKab Se Jal Rahi Hai Seene Men EkAaag

Shabd Mere Syahi Men DubneKoBetab

Ab ToBarasJaao Ae BundonAus Ki Jaraa

IssePehle Ki Main Khud Hi Main Jalkar Ho JaaunRaakh

  1. Poetry is inspired from something. What is your inspiration?

There is famous saying “Poetry is Spontaneous overflow of deep thoughts”

Feelings can come anytime to heart and whenever I get write words to express them,poetry just flows out. That’s why I think my real inspiration is creativity inside me but as far as creating Passion for poetry is concerned, I will give credit to Kumar Vishvas sir. After listening him only I involved deeply in Hindi Poetry.

  1. Who all are your favorite poets and authors?

 Dr Kumar Vishvas, Raahat Indori, Pandit Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Dushyant Kumar, Bashir Badra, Munnavar Rana, Harivans Roy Bacchan, Chetan Bhagat, Ravinder Singh, Sudeep Nagarkar, Jon Ali. List is very long…..

  1. What genre you like to read? Do you like to read fiction, non-fiction or read poetry most of the times?

Like, I don’t write in any particular category there is no fix theme or category which I like to read. I have read all big poets and also few new poets.

  1. What was your hardest challenge while writing or performing poetry? (you can share both personal or professional challenges faced while writing or performing poetry)

Like, I said writing poetry was never a challenge for me because I don’t write poetry, it just comes out.

Jo Kuch Bhi Jehan Men Ubhra, Vo Sab Kagaj Par Utra

Ha but getting Manch for reading Poetry is tough and I am still looking for big Kavi-sammelan Manch.

  1. Apart from writing poetry and in a full time job, any other hobbies you have?

I like watching movies, reading books, visiting natural places and whenever I get time I do the same.

  1. Is there any book of yours in the pipeline?

Not now but I have plan to publish book of Patriotism poems.

  1. What’s your favorite piece of poetry you wrote? (your personal favorite)

ShabdNayeChunkarGeetVahiHarBaarLikhun Main

Un Do Aankhon Men ApnaSaaraSansaarLikhun Main

Virah Ki VednaLikhunYa Milan Ki JhankarLikhun Main

Kaise Chand Lafzon Men SaaraPyarLikhunMain !

  1. Are you also looking for writing a novel? Or you would be happy writing poetry only?

I have a thought of writing Story book. There are lots of character in mind those want to come into existence. Let see how it goes.

  1. Please share a few words (poetry) for our readers.

These days I am observing that there are many young Poets writing very nicely. I just want to say one thing to them, whatever you write it should be with full responsibility because there is

lots of power in ink which can either make or destroy any nation.

Kalam Ki Taakat Hai Ye, Alakh Bhi Jagati Hai, Aag Bhi Lagati Hai

ChupRahe Tab TalakThik Hai Varna, Jannat Is JaminKoBanatiHai !

There is no problem in writing literature for entertainment but as a writer you should also write on social issues whenever you nation need it.

Dil Ki Sune, ShabdChuneAur Bas Bune, KavitaKhud-b-Khud Ban Jaayegi.

Author Bio:

I am Software Engineer by Profession and Poet by Passion.

Author of 3 Hindi Poetry Books and co-Author of several joint poetry collections. I am performing Poet as well.

Achievements in Poetry:

  • Top IT Company Infosys, “Young Achiever Award” winner for 2016.
  • One of the popular website eBook India selected me among top 21 Poets to follow on social media.
  • Articles about my latest Hindi Poetry book “Kaise Chand Lafzon Men SaaraPyarLikhun” has been featured in 200+ national Newspapers of country including all leading Hindi/English/Marathi newspapers ( DainkJagran, DainikBhaskar, Nav Bharat, Zee News,  The Telegraph, IBM7, Webdunia, Raj express, Amar Ujalaetc )
  • My Poetry, Book Reviews, Articles and Author Interviews has been featured in 100+ National/International Hindi/English Print and online magazines, Portals, Blogs.
  • Leading media of the country Quoted about my Book  as “Perfect Valentine Gift For Your Beloved one”
  • My profile has been selected in top 10 creative personality by one of the leading magazine ieUmag.
  • My Interview has been broadcasted on radio as well.
  • My Poetry has been awarded in various national level poetry contests.
  • My profile has been selected as Lyrics writer for few of the Bollywood project which is under discussion.
  • I have huge fan base on social media.
  • All my poetic details and Poetry are available on below sites.