Rendezvous with Mani Goel – Author, Angels’ Wisdom For Your Life


Angels' Wisdom for your life by Mani Goel


  1. When did you realise that you can connect to the angels? / What made you a Spiritual healer?

 Since childhood, I have felt a deep connection with Angels and other higher realms and have been sensitive enough to pick up invisible energies in the environment and from other people.  This is what made me a highly sensitive child & adult. But for a long time, I switched it all off due to social conditioning, we often go through during our childhood and growing up years where we are made to believe, it is not okay to be able to see or feel such things.

Healing & clairvoyance came naturally to me and I often found myself passing messages to people & mentoring them without knowing why and how. Those messages were mostly accurate, and a lot of my colleagues and close friends sought my advice pertaining to their relationships and other issues. I began to do distance spiritual healings during meditations almost nine years ago right after a serious back injury without having received any formal training whatsoever and also rediscovered my connection with the angelic & other ascended realms soon thereafter, through visions, dreams, subtle messages and sometimes not so subtle messages like running into spiritual teachers, clairvoyants and healers who would tell me about this connection and encouraged me to pay heed to it, further deepen and develop it as opposed to dismissing it as a figment of my imagination.

I quietly began to practice healings and conducting personal mentoring & Angel reading sessions for people. From very beginning, I have been   handling some serious cases but most of the healing & mentoring sessions I conduct still take place in a very personal space. Therefore, I don’t talk about them too much in keeping with the confidentiality code that is an integral part of this work.

One thing led to another, and I received strong guidance to set up a formal spiritual healing practice so as to reach out to more & more people and share spiritual & healing wisdom in a non-ritualistic and non-dogmatic manner. Thus, Mani Healing was born in Hong Kong. Subsequently, I began to write Angel’s Wisdom and penned several other written works (yet to be published) and even channeled my own healing modality, which is called –Sapphire Healing SystemÔ.

2.When did you decided to pen down and compose such an inspiring book?

While I had always wanted to write books, messages to start writing this particular book and basically to pen spiritual & inspirational works began coming to me around eight years ago. I formally began work on Angels’ Wisdom For Your Life, five years ago by noting down the messages, I was receiving. However, it was only in 2010, the book began to take its current shape, as that’s when I decided to put everything else and all my other projects aside and finish this book. So I meditated one day, invoked my Angelic Guides and Ascended Masters, and started to type. The result is in your hands.

  1. What’s the earliest memory you have of writing?

I have written since early childhood. I used to write poems & articles for my school magazine and have been on editorial committees of school, college magazines and even for Cathay Pacific’s in-house lifestyle magazine. I have contributed political, socio-economic analyses, aviation research papers, lifestyle & travel articles for newspapers, business & lifestyle magazines. I have been a guest author for several lifestyle magazines & publications in my capacity as a filmmaker, spiritual healer & teacher.

  1. What do you think is the least interesting part of being a writer?

Writing by default is a journey best taken in solitude. While I love everything associated with writing, Sometimes, those long hours spent at one’s desk with only your laptop for company & the discipline that goes into it, can be very exacting.

  1. What was the inspiration behind choosing to write a spiritual- lifting novel?

‘Peace’ –Within & Without- is the vision and inspiration for this book.

It is a culmination of my work as spiritual healer & teacher. The guiding source and inspiration behind this book are Angels themselves & the messages I received from Angelic realm, and the strong urge I felt to be able to impart and share those messages as they were delivered to me in as pure & truthful manner as possible, and hopefully, be able to make a difference in people’s lives and create a better and a peaceful world- one book at a time.

  1. How do you manage all your duties of being a spiritual healer? Angel Intuitive? Teacher? Artist? Filmmaker?

All these are various facets and aspects of me. So in that sense I don’t have to strain or make a special effort to manage them. I do have to manage my time though, and be extremely conscious of using it wisely. I also need to be able to switch off & on from one role to another. However, I do end up sleeping lot less than most people and yes! I don’t party, indulge in activities, or spend my energies on pursuits or people that take me away from the core of my being. I also have to prioritize, based on the need of the hour.  I am   hard working, quite organized and focused as well and don’t spread myself too thin since the scope of my work is quite wide already. So within all these various pursuits, I have identified my specializations.  Often

I also end up saying no to lot of things dinner with friends because I may have an overseas healing or reading appointment same night with someone who is in a different time zone than mine, or perhaps I have to wake up early for a shoot, have a writing deadline, deliver a painting within a day or prepare for a talk or a workshop.  It is certainly not easy and can be extremely challenging balancing it all, but I love it and have so far been able to manage it pretty well.

  1. Which one of these roles interests you most?

All are equally interesting, creative and fulfilling. They are all very different too. But being a spiritual healer, teacher & writer is most intrinsic to my identity. Being a healer & teacher is also most rewarding as you are able to see the difference you make right away. To me Spiritual Healing is God’s work. I didn’t grow up thinking I am going to be a healer some day.  Healing chose me, and it is who I am at a very basic level. I can’t even express the feeling of gratitude I carry within me, for being able to do this work. All or rather most of my creative work too is a culmination of my spiritual & healing work including my artwork and even the kind of subjects that interest me at this stage as a filmmaker, and the books that I am writing. Tomorrow, even if I were to take up any other job or do something else for a living or choose to creatively express myself in a totally different manner, I would still always be a spiritual healer and will most certainly continue to write.

  1. Describe your writing style.

Natural and conversational… I have been told that my work is easy to read and I am able to deliver deep messages & insights in a simple and easy to understand manner. I take it as a complement.

  1. Tell us something about ‘Indigo-children’ you mentioned in your book?

The term Indigo Children refers to the special generation of people who are spiritually very evolved and are here on the planet at this moment to create a change. They are way showers and are often multi-talented with a strong urge to be in leadership positions in the world and to do away with old systems that do not serve us any longer. The term indigo pretty much refers to their aura color, which has a lot of indigo in it. We all have an energetic  ‘aura’ around us based on our spiritual evolution, thought forms, actions, emotional & physical condition etc. Indigo is also the color of our third eye chakra or energy center, located right in the middle of our forehead and imparts person gifts of clairvoyance and ability to see the truth. Therefore, Indigo generation of people has innate lie detectors within the core of their being and at a deep level they wish to change everything that is based in dishonesty and lies. They are highly sensitive to their environment and often absorb energies from their surroundings making them restless and sometimes even depressed if they are not able to fulfill their highest life-purpose. A lot of indigo people are currently taking up roles as world-leaders in different occupations. They are also showing themselves up as whistle blowers for old systems during the past couple of years worldwide. Lot of political revolutionaries these days are indigo people. They may not even know that they belong to this generation. But someone like myself, and lot of other advanced spiritual healers are able to see this. Indigo generation is also associated with fiery temperament. They need such temperaments to clear the old energies of lies, manipulation, corruption & dishonesty. Then we also have other generations that follow indigo generation like Crystal generation, Rainbow generations and an even more advanced generation of Golden Light Beings who all form part of the same spectrum.

You can read more about Indigo Generation in Chapter 8 – Indigo & Crystal Children- of Angels’ Wisdom For Your Life, which describes this subject in substantial details and is the longest chapter of my book. In addition, I am also working on another book, which will solely deal with this subject, as it is of great pertinence to our society at this stage especially in a country like India where over 50% of population right now is under 30 and I can tell you a lot of these people belong to Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow generation and yearning to bring about BIG CHANGE.

  1. I am very fascinated by Archangels, mentioned in your book. Can you shed some light on it?

The word Angels literally means “ messenger of God”. Through ancient times people across all cultures and religious beliefs have acknowledged the presence of angels- a divine consciousness that is not usually present in human form (but sometimes it can manifest in human form too for a short time, in order to fulfill a special purpose).  We all have angels around us whether we believe in them or not, whether we can see them or hear them or not.  Especially right now when human beings are going through a swift process of spiritual transformation & awakening, angels are really making their presence felt all over the world, as is evident in growing interest in angels worldwide.

One thing to remember however is – we do not need to pray to Angels or Archangels. Sharing with you about Angels or their messages, I am not trying to start a cult or a new form of Angelic Religion per se.

Angels are present around us as invisible friends or guides who we can seek help from about all aspects of our lives. And we can ask them for help just as we would any friend, in a simple and straight-forward manner, without a need for rituals. Often this help comes in form of thoughts or ideas that angels then whisper in our minds and ears, we have to then perform actions based upon the messages we thus receive. Sometimes, Angelic help can be very direct as well, like in a life-saving situation or some other situation. Most certainly, when angels are helping us directly through a situation, we would feel their presence. Even when they are guiding us through their messages, a lot of times they make their presence felt by sending us visual or audio signs that we can easily understand.

Archangels are also from the angelic realm so they are also a form or manifestation of invisible divine consciousness or an aspect of the Supreme Power or God but they are more powerful in their energy and are also associated with very specific qualities and functions. Hence, we have different archangels who kind of specialize in a specific area of life that we can seek their help for. Archangel Michael, one of the most commonly known Archangel is associated with protection and warding off negative energy. Archangel Raphael is connected with healing of physical, emotional ailments or all kinds of situations and is often seen by clairvoyants as a masculine figure with emerald green aura. Archangel Gabriel is associated with communication and personal empowerment. And, so on and so forth.

For further details and to know more, I would recommend you to read my book, or visit my blog –, where I will be regularly posting articles and answers to such questions, or you can subscribe to my newsletter by emailing- or attend my workshops where I  teach people how to connect with Angelic Realm and enforce their healing energies to enhance different areas of our lives. You may even tune to my Internet based radio show, called Angels’ Wisdom that is due to re-start in March 2014.

  1. How do you use social media to connect to readers?

    I am still learning the ropes. I am still quite active on Facebook, and as time permits I love to connect with my readers & friends there personally through online events & lucky draws. I had to cut it down for the past few months, due to my writing & teaching schedule. I am also bracing to get back on and use a lot of twitter; my YouTube channel will be active soon too. Besides, I will be blogging more as well, to directly connect with my audience. There will be online quizzes, lucky draws and lot of exciting events coming up.

  1. How is this world a better place because of your books?

One can only hope it is. It’s all about one’s intention and energy,  and working with a clear and pure mindset. So when one puts a body of work out there that speaks about taking care of and treating all children in the world with love and tenderness, or of treating our planet Earth with respect, and honoring the feminine energy or women as a spiritual force, then you are already creating an invisible stream of energy, which contributes towards uplifting the mass consciousness at a very subtle level.

Every thought we think, every action we take contributes towards creating the world we live in at inner & outer levels. So, in that sense even before my book was out there for all to see, being engaged in writing this book was creating a change in the world already at energetic and subtle consciousness level, because one generates a spiral effect- one word a time, one book a time or one person a time. A lot of people who have read my book have since quit their regular well-paid jobs and are following their higher calling. Some got inspired to write their own books related to areas they felt passionate about. So a train of action is put into motion and results are not always immediately available. As the creator or custodian of this work, I can only hope & pray, my book serves its larger purpose, and upholds its vision of Peace. However, when I get emails and messages from my readers that my book filled them with a sense of peace, or helped them to forgive themselves or someone else, or inspired them to take charge of their lives, and move on in lives with greater understanding, then I feel I have done something right. I have had mothers buying my book as Christmas Gifts for their children and people gifting this book to their partners and it moves me. Wacky as this may sound, I simply heard what Angels told me to do and this book was born. It’s an Angel Book,  “BORN TO FLY” & inspires others to do the same.

  1. Choose between filmmaking and writing, and why?

It is a very difficult question, as I love both equally. But if I have to choose one I’ll go with writing as I have been writing before I even began to watch or understand films. I couldn’t have been a filmmaker if I was not able to write, as it is the most crucial & basic aspect of filmmaking. Even a filmmaker has to write or at the very least improvise on the scripts or stories he or she chooses. Filmmaking can be lot more strenuous too, as it is a team-effort and you have to make sure, you have a great team before you jumpstart a film.  It is lot more expensive too. Writing is simpler in that sense as you just need to depend on yourself, except when you have to market and distribute your work. So the team effort comes in at a much later stage. But of course, I love filmmaking and can’t wait to don the director’s hat again.

  1. Your novel, Angel’s Wisdom for your life’, is a compilation of angel’s message on different realms of life. Can we expect spiritual book in story form in near future?

Yes! I am currently exploring a few ideas and am quite keen to write a book in story form with spiritual theme. It may not necessarily be all fiction. But I have several other books in process and would like to see them published before I work on a spiritual story. I am also working on a fictional book of short stories and have already written 4 stories.

  1. ‘13’ is considered as an evil number generally. Why did you choose in total 13 chapters to convey angelic messages?

I did not choose it. This simply happened. I had penned 27 chapters originally, for a single volume. Later it was decided to divide those chapters into two books, part 1 & 2. The chapters I wanted in Part 1, totaled to 13 and we went ahead with those. Guess; I was also making a statement to break away from all superstitions.

Besides, all numbers have a deeper spiritual meaning and energy, that is not the same as the prevalent social beliefs related to those numbers, and according to angelic messages that I have received, number thirteen is closely connected with ascended beings such as Lord Jesus, Divine Mother Goddess and Lord Buddha’s energy. So how can it be an evil or unlucky number?

  1. Do you have any plans to write in other genres?

Yes! Short Stories, Fiction, Romance, Poetry, and Essays and perhaps get back to writing some Socio-economic & Political analysis as well.

17.What kind of books does you like reading?  I like mostly inspirational, spiritual & philosophical books from great & ancient authors, teachers and philosophers. I enjoy reading Stephen Hawkins books too. I also like poetry from the greats such as Tagore, Khalil Gibran, Wordsworth, or Blake.

  1. According to you, what makes a good novel?

I think a good book has to connect with the audience & readers and touch them somewhere, or inspire them in a mysterious way. To me a great or even a good piece of work is timeless, ageless, borderless. It speaks to your soul, and connects with you irrespective of your nationality, age, gender, etc. It may be specialized and narrow in its rendition or narrative, but it must have a wider universal appeal and greater reach.

  1. The book is released internationally. How has been the response all over?

The response & feedback from readers of different nationalities has been awesome & encouraging. This is a spiritual book of high & pure energy. I am merely the typist or the hand through which this book has manifested in physical form.

Therefore, I realized along the way and soon after the book was published, that Angels’ Wisdom cannot be marketed like most other books and products, or else its energy will be diluted. To me it is a living book birthed by angels and ascended beings. I am merely its earthly guardian. This book has a life and mind of its own. It reaches where it wishes to, as & when it so chooses. I am currently in talks for a prospective Chinese version and translations in other Asian languages too. Fingers crossed.

20.For you what matters the most, the commercial success of the novel or the critic’s acclaim?     

I think the spontaneous feedback from readers matters the most to me. It’s a great feeling when you run into people who tell you they have read your book or that they received it as Christmas or birthday gift and loved it. I have received some wonderful messages from my readers through Facebook too. I treasure such moments dearly. But of course, commercial success of the book and critic’s acclaim is extremely important too for an author.

  1. Tell us something about the part-2 of your book?

Part 2 is a natural extension of Part 1. While Part 1 covers subjects we all deal with, in our daily lives and explains basic although very important subjects such as – Love, Anger, Forgiveness, Money, Marriage, Healing, The Meaning of Life, Feminine Energy, etc.- from a spiritual perspective, a greater understanding of which can really help us all to live in a more peaceful manner and create a better world within and without. Part 2 will take the readers on a higher journey of spiritual evolution as it covers more advanced subjects such as – Karma, Reincarnation, Akashic Records, Spiritual Guardians, Enlightened Society, etc.

Thus, the readers are taken on a spiritual journey or ascension process through these books, where Part 1 aims to give a deeper & spiritual understanding of issues that are pertinent to our daily lives, and thus clears the ground for Part 2. And then there will also be Part 3, which is even more advanced. This will complete the -Angels’ Wisdom For Your Life-trilogy.

  1. Your message to the readers? Or shall I rather say, Angel Mani’s message to readers?

Love dearly (yourself included), forgive easily, laugh heartily, speak gently, live wisely, meditate, exercise and believe in yourself.  Be kind to children, elderly, animals and the environment. Respect women. Together through our collective action & will we can all create a PEACEFUL, COMPASSIONATE, HAPPY, HEALTHY & JUST LIVING EXISTENCE FOR ALL ON THIS PLANET. Let us all strive towards this goal and leave this world in a better state than we found it, for our future generations.

Love & Light



Mani Goel is an International Author, Spiritual Healer, Teacher, Angel Intuitive, Artist, & Filmmaker. A former flight attendant with Cathay Pacific Airways, beauty pageant winner, aviation analyst, part-time model, and co-host on television; she holds a Masters Degree in International Relations from Australia.

Mani embarked on a conscious spiritual journey after a severe back injury, and a chance and serendipitous encounter with a well-known Tibetan Buddhist Rinpoche (precious teacher), His Eminence Rinpoche Beru Khyentse.

She went on to set up two companies—Maaya Productions and Mani Healing—and rediscovered her deep connection with the Angelic Realm, and other Spiritual & Ascended Realms.

Based primarily in Hong Kong, Mani actively creates her unique Light Energy ArtworkÔ, conducts transformational and spiritual workshops, seminars, talks, inspirational events, personal mentoring & healing sessions, meditation circles, internationally, and travels frequently.


This book comes as our gift to you that we have guided earth angel friend Mani Goel to write. May this book serve to dispel darkness from your world, and help you discover the loving core of ‘your being’. This core is not separate from the one you worship, and within ‘your very being’ you carry the same essence. This is the essence of oneness, of love, of joy, sweet nectar of heart flowing through your entire being.  This is the essence of God. So dear ones, recognize it, see it, feel it and cherish it, for ‘you are the God’. No one else, but ‘you’ are most worthy of your own love and appreciation. Recognize yourselves dear ones. The time is now. Our Love and Blessings.

Your loving Angelic Guides.

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