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Finally, the winters have arrived and I could feel the cool breeze grazing my toes as I stepped out from the blanket. I always loved winters, though sometimes they are depressing. This year, nothing is more depressing than being locked down in your home, thanks to the pandemic!

I had a lot of calls scheduled but I was waiting for this one. My words soothe me and that’s why I love reading and love listening to music! One of the best things about writing that happened to me is poetry.

You can write an entire script in a few lines! That’s the beauty of poetry. Today, I had a call scheduled with a poet, writer, and now an author, Anubhav Agrawal.

Writer, poet and social media influencer Anubhav Agrawal is the founder of Iwritewhatyoufeel(R), an online poetry community that has over three million followers on social media.

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I didn’t realize that it was time and I was busy with my daily morning chores. I poured coffee in the mug and connected on the Zoom. Soon, Anubhav joined the call. Hi’s and Hellos were exchanged and I started with the discussion.

Understanding people –

The best way to connect with people is to understand. With the huge following on social media and as I had read the book, I was curious to know what makes people connect with Anubhav. ” Understanding the emotions. Yes, I have a good understanding of nature which gives positive vibes to people and they eventually open up themselves. Understanding the emotions deeply, trying to find positive in everything that happens, and not judging anyone based on who they’re and what they do, is who I am,” he replied.

Why write a book then? I wanted to understand that since he had a lot of followers already and he is very well communicating with them on social media. “Honestly, I didn’t know that I could write a book. It was 14th April 2020, when this thought struck my mind and I couldn’t get over it. It was “Let’s write a book” and I already had the answer to the next question, which was, “What will I write?” My own story was the answer,” Anubhav smiled.

Helping people solve their relationship issues for the last four years motivated him to write the book. His idea was to help people out with the most important thing in relationships – choosing their own self over the wrong person.

The Writing Journey –

Anubhav started writing with blogs and on social media, he started his writing journey by writing quotes on Instagram. but how come writing a book? I wanted to know. ” Writing blogs is more like telling things in a nutshell, and books need a lot of time, patience, peace of mind, and knowledge. You can write a blog in one go, but for books, it takes days, months, or even years to complete. I think becoming a blogger is a first step to writing your own book,” he replied with a snap.

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Making a positive impact in other’s lives is something Anubhav feels he is blessed with. “You can make a difference in someone’s life just by writing a blog or a positive quote, this is what I’ve learned so far from my social media journey. I’m blessed that I’m doing something and it’s changing the mentality of the society.” 


Inspiring others is a continuous process and often people give up in between. Anubhav, on the other hand, is on a journey of inspiring and motivating others without giving up. “The need to change the perspective of today’s generation towards love, relationships, and life, which is quite impossible; however, I’m trying my best to do it. People have become very impatient and irresponsible, if one is both, the other isn’t. I don’t know about inspiration, but it will be great if this world becomes a better place to live leaving all the toxicity behind. I’m trying to make a difference by writing something which will lead to a great number of readers or listeners to change.” I nodded with an affirmation.

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About his other projects, Anubhav told that he has also written another book and published it in an ebook format. ” I wrote a book “Hands Down: The Simplest Ways To Move On” and published it in ebook format only, on 7th September, which is available on Amazon.”

The Message…

Anubhav wanted to help people out there with their relationship issues and the book he has written is his own story and not just any other self-help book. “People assume that it’s a fiction book, I just want to tell every person out there, that it’s my own life story and every incident jotted down in this book is real. This book is not just another random love story of a guy and a girl.”

Relationships nowadays are difficult to maintain as everybody wants their own space and freedom. Even the people living together are not happy. The ultimate goal of a relationship is to keep everybody involved in it happy and content.

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What I believe is that nowadays as Anubhav already said, people are becoming impatient, there is a lack of trust which leads to insecurity in either or both the partners. Anubhav nodded and replied, ” This book can make you realize and learn a lot of things about love, life, and relationships which they need to learn.” As I had already read the book, I agreed with a nod.  

I realized that an hour had almost past and I didn’t want to take more of his time from his busy schedule. I thanked him for his time, wished him the best of luck for the success of his book and we both bade adieu.

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