To me, writing is like a dream. Each time, I sit to write anything, I make it a point that it’s a sweet one. I write for the sheer joy of it. I write because I enjoy it and that too, since my childhood days. Back then, I weaved stories, wrote them, and kept them to myself. Yes. I also used to contribute to the school magazine. When in college, I started reviewing movies on mouthshut.com. The platforms got better with time and I continued to explore my passion further one day by writing a full-fledged manuscript. Not with any intention of getting published, but just for the creative satisfaction, I would derive from it.


There was a gap of four months between the end of my MBA course and the first job. One day, I literally locked myself in my room and began writing. It took me over a fortnight to complete it and again, I kept it to myself. I enjoyed every moment of the experience. I laughed along with the fictional protagonists; I cried with them, I got angry at some of them. I live my stories! A few years later, I happened to share the manuscript with a few friends. They loved it and said it struck a chord! It took me some more time to decide that I should now become a published author.

Then, I began approaching publishers and my first book Once Again… With Love! was out. That was the year 2015. My second book, Stories Are Magicalreleased this year in April. This one’s a celebration of storytelling wherein six stories with different genres are being loved by readers. I intend to balance both my profession with passion and I’ll tell you why if you haven’t figured it out yet. I was a writer first and then, work happened years later. I think writing is ingrained somewhere deep within now.


My message to amateurs, aspiring authors would be simple. Look into your heart; write for it and from it! Write for the joy of it. Getting published is secondary. You love writing, that my friend is important. Things will fall into place. Don’t hurry. Writing requires a lot of patience and can be an emotionally draining process. Just don’t overthink. Keep writing.

Author’s Bio:

Abhirup Dhar was born in Kolkata and is still being brought up in India. A banker by profession, he is filmy to the core and reviewed movies for certain portals. He is passionate about writing and that itself led him to pen his first book Once Again… With Love! – a quirky take on love, confusion, and modern-day relationships. He believes the best stories are always the simpler ones. He is now celebrating storytelling in his second outing with Stories Are Magical and readers are having a relaxing and fun read. Abhirup currently lives in Mumbai.

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The story was published in Storizen Magazine July 2018 issue.