An interview with Preeti Singh, Author – Flirting with Fate

We interviewed Preeti Singh, author of the book Flirting with Fate. She was humble and kind to share her experience with Storizen Magazine.

Does an author have to be criminally minded to write Crime novel?

–Not at all…I have never intentionally hurt anyone…but wrote a crime novel—just imagination is required…not a killer instinct J


Take us through the journey of “Flirting with fate” from getting the idea to getting a call from publisher.

It’s been one long journey…as the idea was the brain child of a Bengali gentleman Pinaki Chaudhuri who started me on the project about 5 years back but had to leave midway. I picked up the threads of the unfinished book in Jan 2011, simply to fulfil a dream of seeing my work in print. Like I often say, writing a book is like pregnancy, a cakewalk but publishing is like the delivery…a tough struggle. It was not easy being rejected by most publishers, but it’s never impossible either. My manuscript was accepted because perhaps it was different from the books brimming the market, It was not just another love story…it was a crime novel with the theme of how Karma Returns in our each action, good or bad.
What about the book trailer tell us more about it?

Honestly, I never made a book trailer…coz I didn’t know how to make it..simple J But when I received the Best Debut Crime Fiction of 2012 Award by Butterfly and Bee, Sumit Sehgal, the CEO of this literary company, made a wonderful trailer for me. You can find it on my website
And your day job?

Apart from being a freelance writer, author and editor I am full time mom to a young teenager and a demanding dog, who is an interesting character in my book.
When do you write? how often do you write?

Good question !! But I belong to that breed of writers who are slaves to their moods….I write when the mood hits me, the moment when food…the world…the kids all take a back seat and the fire within wont subside till you pen down your thoughts. People like me do not like being tied down to completing writing projects….set us free…we give you a masterpiece ( not that mine is one…but I honestly tried ! ) J
Which are your favorite authors and books? and which ones from latest authors?

Well… last I read fiction was in school/college…with the best being Sidney Sheldon and Agatha Christie (maybe that’s why I wrote crime ). Now I do not read fiction but prefer spiritual and self help books with the best being POWER OF NOW by Eckhart Tolle. Among the new budding Indian authors, the only book I hv read and loved is BHAVYA KAUSHIK’S –THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BED…as I relate with its theme of kal ho na ho….

Which is the best feedback you’ve received from an ordinary reader?

When few readers asked me the same question….that they had wronged someone sometime in their lifetime…will theor karma return ? will they be punished ? I felt that my book message had reached home. My work was done.
Are you writing any other book.

Yes, in the middle of my next book…will be a year almost before it hits the shelves….am in no hurry J

Any plans or timelines when are you ready to crossover and write full time?

Nopes…I have left it to time and my mood….writing is my passion but not an obsession…I like to enjoy every field of life…explore my various other potentials.

Do people mistake you for some celebrity?

Lols…even if they do I wish they don’t…as celebrities are non approachable and I wish to be always there if sumone needs me….i am the girl next door and wish to be just a call away….always…

Some words of wisdom for aspiring authors?

If you have seen a vision to be published, don’t give up. If I could achieve mine at 40, so can anyone. Just be persistent and patient in following your heart…you shall reach there. And like I said, I am a call away…reach out…if I can help anyone…anytime, it’s a life worth lived.