The Unknown Journey of a Writer – Bernard D’Sa

I remember the day at school when I used to write funny poems and short stories that used to make all my friends laugh and ending up with the teacher punishing us. The first love poem to my crush and then her complaint to our class teacher, those memories I still cherish.

Writing a story /poem was just a mere way of expressing myself. My first story was published in 2008 when publishing into a book was a foreign concept as self-publishing hadn’t taken over the market then. The joy of seeing your work printed into a book was the ultimate happiness.

After writing for various magazines, books, periodicals, and websites I decided to write my first book and get it published. The thought seemed like a smooth cake walk but then getting it published was a big deal. Years later when I look back today, I see an altogether different approach towards writing and publishing and the road made easy to establish oneself with enormous mediums readily available.



Over the years, I have learned that individual thoughts and ideas are that one thing that makes you stand out. There are plenty of people around the world who wants to share their lives but unfortunately they don’t get the opportunity and after all, everyone has a story but everyone is not a writer. Some stories are buried deep within while some shine up in the open getting critically acclaimed while some being bestsellers.

The most important things are how you write and how your reader perceives you. Your readers are your biggest critics and your biggest supporters. Once your reader gets impressed then they will long for your works. As a reader, I have waited for my favorite author’s book, just to touch feel and read them. As a writer, I feel totally satisfied when someone approaches me for an autograph or someone tags me in a post.It is a happy feeling to be able to connect with your readers.

To all the upcoming writers, people want a simple story, a heart touchy story, and a story in which they see themselves as the main protagonist. Connect with your readers and eventually, you will grow after all it’s not the sales that define you but the number of people who have been inspired and touched.

Bernard D’sa

Author | Poet | Entrepreneur

Bernard D’sa is an author, poet, editor and a serial entrepreneur. The bestselling author of Symphonies of Love. He writes for various philosophical journals and social magazines. Apart from being a writer, he is also involved in NGO activities. He is the Founder and CEO of Raindrops Inc.