A Bit of Wisdom

My wisdom tooth, the only one of four that came in,

Decided to grow a little crooked, partially impacted as it was,

But the molar was healthy, and un-infecting my gums, 

So, undisturbed we left it, my dentist and I,

Hoping the tooth would reciprocate the understanding.

Our trust was not broken, the tooth kept to itself,

Tucked away harmlessly in a quiet corner of my mouth,

For a score or so years. There never was much use for it, anyway,

But that didn’t cause me to forget tending to it. And so passed 

the years till one day, I felt an uncomfortable jabbing,

And we knew it had to go. 

We made preparations for the farewell; my dentist set to work—

Pliers, forceps and levers rocked the stake, gently at first, then determinedly,

Till the binding gave way. The roots loosened,

And just as suddenly, as if there never had been a tussle,

It slid out ever so smoothly.

My beaming dentist, relieved that the extraction ordeal 

was finally over, displayed the bloody trophy…

I could see that it was pretty healthy, not decayed at all,

Unlike the unfortunately abused organ I had to lose 

To hysterectomy!

Is it because denticles don’t have their roots 

embedded in society’s unreasonable, unfair, unjustified

dictates—as unfortunate wombs often have to be?

Wombs that make some women a progenating machine

to stack the earth with squealing lives 

born more out of compulsion than love?

Perhaps yes, perhaps I am just overreacting…

I am in pain, you see!

With a couple of conscious breaths,

I gently free my meandering mind from that purposeless pain

and bring it to the now, to the present pain that’s slowly awakening

from its anaesthetised state.

So, my body has a gap once again; thankfully it’s not a gaping chasm

like the previous hysterectomical time—only a wisdom-less dentition,

Yet I wonder, what with the wisdom extracted,

Will that help me become wise in the ways of the world at least now?