A Black Coffee Date

A lot can happen over a cup of coffee was true in my case. And if that is a black coffee date, then it’s special. It was the day when I was upset and I was feeling low. I had appeared for an MBA entrance exam. But, I could not clear the exam on the first attempt. After seeing the MBA result, for some days I was under depression. I stopped talking with my sister and my parents. I locked myself inside the room.

On the fourth day after my MBA result was declared, my mother made a delicious dish for me so that I feel happy. Whenever I used to feel low, my mother used to make my favorite dishes which would help lift up my mood.

That day too, mother woke up in the early morning just to prepare the dishes I would like to eat. During the lunch hour, I was sitting with my family for lunch. I could see my favorite dishes on the dining table.

For the first time, I was not feeling elated to see those mouthwatering dishes. My mother started serving the lip-smacking food one after another to all of us.

That day, my mother dished out the dishes to me at first. Although I was not in a mood to eat, still I had started eating. It goes without saying that the dishes were indeed very delicious. As I started eating, I chewed a piece of green chili which was mixed with paneer masala. The burning sensation inside my mouth brought out some hurtful words for my mother.

I yelled at my mother for putting a piece of green chili in the dish. “What have you done, mom? Is this the way to cook? Don’t you know I don’t eat chilies? Please, do not cook for me from tomorrow, if you cook like this.” All eyes were on me. My sister was shocked to see me shouting at my mother. My father was dumbstruck.

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But, my mother was quiet. It seemed she could feel the burning sensation that I had after chewing the chili. As my mouth and tongue were burning, my mother dished into the kitchen to bring a glass of water.

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When she passed a glass of water towards me, I threw the glass from her hand out of anger and stood up to wash my hands in the washbasin. I did not eat the meals which were prepared by my mother so lovingly for me.

When I was washing my hands and mouth, I could see in the mirror that my mother was using her Saree pallu to wipe the corner of her eyes. At that point in time, I did not realize that her eyes were welled up with tears and the reason for her tears was my misbehaviour which she never deserved. I went inside my room slamming the door. 

The entire day I stayed in my room. As the sun started setting, I was feeling suffocated. To get some fresh air, I decided to have a walk around my residential complex. As I started walking, showers of rain-drenched me a bit.

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I ran to the nearby cafe and waited outside a cafe for some time under the shade. I was craving a black coffee date for a long time. For quite a while, I stood there, waiting for the rain to stop. As the rain started pouring, I stepped inside the cafe to have a cup of coffee.

I ordered a cup of black coffee and made the payment at the cash counter. The waiter brought a cup of hot black coffee and placed the cup on my table with a smile on his face. I started sipping the hot tasty coffee. The flavor of coffee started melting my pent-up anger and I was feeling a little relaxed. 

The combination of rain and warm coffee is something mesmerizing. It was still raining outside and the window glass of the cafe was a bit hazy. Still, I managed to notice something outside the cafe.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

A poor child and her mother were standing at a shop which was the opposite of the cafe. She was protecting her little baby from rain. The child who had torn clothes on his body was smiling at his mother.

The child was elated as her mother was feeding some food to her kid which she managed to bring from a roadside stall. Her shabby clothes and tired face seemed to be familiar to me. After seeing the face of the lady, I was trying to recall her face.

Then, I remembered that I saw the child’s mother today afternoon from the window of my room. The poor woman was working as a laborer in an under-construction building. After working for the whole day in an under-construction building, she could feel her little son was hungry.

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No matter how exhausted she was, her smiling face was gleaming in the rain. The food she was feeding her baby was ordinary. But, the happiness of feeding her son was more valuable than any expensive item in the world. 

Seeing the affection and love of a mother and son who manage to make their living imbibed a wave of positive energy in me and my depression for not being to crack the MBA exam started getting washed off in the rain.

I felt calm inside my mind. A black coffee date with myself brought out a new person in me whose mind was filled with positive thoughts. After finishing the black coffee, I walked fast to see my mother’s face.

While walking I realized my misbehavior which hurt her. As I knocked at the door, it was my mother who came running to open the door for me. Without saying a word, I hugged her tightly and said “I am sorry.” My mother kissed my forehead. Her love made me realize that my mother has a heart of gold. 

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