A Toast to the New Year by Vidya Shankar

Bling bashes, jamboree glows

Night-long indulgences, countdown craziness

The extravagant welcoming of a new year—

What are we celebrating?

A sham!

One year—

The growth, the experience

The journey of a year lived…

Yay yay the celebration!

Twelve months—

Our blessed self of the twelfth 

Not the same entity that entered the year in the first…

Oh! Doesn’t that call for merrymaking!

Weeks, all fifty-two of them— 

The hits and misses, highs and lows

Gains and losses, births and deaths

To all this… a toast!

Three hundred, five and sixty days—

Each a unique one as each night fell

Survived the vibrant, the placid

The agonizing, the bad-haired one

The ones we faced with strength

The ones that strengthen us

Rounds of celebratory cheers to all that!

But most importantly

Is there brought to a closure 

The pain, the grief, the dismal, the defeats

The partings, the bitings, the silences, the sharpness

The unforgivable stories?

If yes be the answer that the heart says, then

Jive into a celebration like none other, for

The fairy dust of forgiveness will emit sparklers of joy

Peace will flow like abundant wine

Love will satiate your hungry belly

And heartfelt good tidings will light up cheery smiles.

This, my dear, is the party you should be in… This, my dear, is how you must toast the new year in!

About the author –

Vidya Shankar is a poet, writer, blogger, motivational speaker, budding mandala artist, yoga enthusiast, and English language teacher with experience in instructional designing and content development. An active member of poetry circles, her works have appeared in national and international literary platforms and anthologies. She is the recipient of literary awards and recognitions.

Vidya Shankar’s first book of poems, The Flautist of Brindaranyam is a collaborative effort with her photographer husband, Shankar Ramakrishnan. Her second book of poems The Rise of Yogamaya is an effort to create awareness about mental health. She has also been on the editorial of three anthologies.

Vidya Shankar is a “book” with the Human Library, Chennai Chapter, and she also gives motivational talks at open mics. Today she lives a life of purpose by using the power of her words, both written and spoken, to create awareness about environmental issues, mental health, and the need to break the shackles of an outdated society.

Her social media handles are:

Twitter: @VidyaShanks

Facebook: Vidya Shankar – The Quintessential Word (https://www.facebook.com/shanvidwinsalways)

Instagram: @vidya.shankar.author

This poem was first published in Storizen Magazine January 2020 Issue