An Umbrella of Hope – A Poem by Vidya Shankar

That I should, in the midst of pressing work

In the kitchen, find myself drifting towards the window

Of my third floor apartment

Not knowing what was pulling me there,

Only to see spread out before me

The grey bleakness of a rain-splattered outside,

Yet not giving in to disappointment

But anticipating a miracle, in the trust 

That I wouldn’t be where I was without reason.

That I should find myself there 

At that particular window 

At that particular extent in time was nothing but serendipity—

For, within moments, there came upon the scene

A rainbow in the rain

Like a splash of refreshing coolness

On a bleary weary summer day—

It was a lady, or was it a man?

I couldn’t say for sure,

But whoever it was, had walked out there

From nowhere, holding

A vibrant multi-coloured umbrella over their head,


Is that how hope appears?

I wondered.

I was, however, not destined to witness

The end of the story, for, from my kitchen

The pressure cooker called out to me

I went back to the mundane

Thanking the Universe for a revelation

Of patience, of protection, in colour

In my otherwise monochromatic scheme of life.


Vidya Shankar, a “book” in the Human Library, and an editor with Kavya-Adisakrit (an imprint of Adisakrit Publishing House), says poetry is not different from her. The author of two poetry books The Flautist of Brindaranyam (in collaboration with her photographer husband, Shankar Ramakrishnan), and The Rise of Yogamaya, she has received several literary awards and recognitions. She also adds meaning to her life through yoga and mandalas.

Her social media handles are:

Facebook: Vidya Shankar – The Quintessential Word


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