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Have you ever pondered on this question! Are we living life or life is living us? For many people, life is living us. Before that arises an important question – what is life? The simple definition is that any aspect of existence that acts, reacts, processes, evaluates, and evolves (through reproduction and metabolism) is called life. Now coming back to the previous statement that – in most or for many of us the life is living us – this may have puzzled many. But, that’s the truth.

Many people don’t live life consciously in the world. Many of us get up in the morning rush to the office/school/college and come back in the evening to watch TV/favorite series/movies/read some books to relax and hit the sack (go to bed to sleep). Along with that, we enjoy having some great dinners or partying out during the weekends with friends.

Many may ask what’s wrong with it what else is there to do in life? Nothing wrong with enjoying life – in fact, one should celebrate life (as it’s a rare gift), but not in a way or to the extent that our life has lived us. Many may wonder what the writer is trying to say, well it is important for us first to understand what is life and whether we are living life or life is living us. Now coming to the point, that very few of us live life consciously.

Pondering Over the Purpose of Life:

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Many may exclaim by seeing the sub-head “oh it’s philosophical stuff!! Oh god!” No, it’s a very simple question that have we ever pondered over the purpose of life. The purpose of life may be different for each person, but in the race of success or say even in the race of life, have you ever wondered what the purpose of life is for me?

Have we ever taken the time or taken a pause in life to ponder over where we are leading to? Today life has become more stressful for many because they have forgotten to relax and few of them live life in such a way that they even forget to smile at times.    

Many of us are getting lost in the race to success. Living consciously in day-to-day life is very important in order to feel Alive/Lively. Many of us are living, but, how many of us are feeling alive or say lively every day?

Most of our time is lost in chasing after success in work areas/education or some other things. How many of us enjoy the morning sunshine or evening sunset or bird chirpings without any other thoughts?

Simple living can bring more joy, and success in life provided one life more consciously. A simple life can be by doing simple things like:

  1. Spending an early morning with sunshine/listening to birds chirping/watching the sunset (without any other thoughts).
  2. Doing meditation/or listening to any music or doing anything where we forget ourselves in it.
  3. Spending more time with family members and having a better understanding of their needs.
  4. Spending quality time with friends (without any gossip).
  5. Without judging anyone (no matter who they are).
  6. Give your ears or say listening to the people who are in agony and help them if possible (even speaking some kind words can be a good uplift for them).
  7. Help others if you can – else at least don’t be troublesome to others, that itself is a big help!

The above list is just an example and not necessarily the ultimate for living a simple life. It’s our life and we need to live life and life should not live us. Let us make our life count to the extent possible. As a famous anonymous quote says “I shall pass this way but once; any good that I can do or any kindness I can show to any human being; let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.” Let us try to lead such a conscious life.

As our Great Indian Saint, Sri AadhiShankarcharya said in Vivekachudamani, “Durlabham Trayamevaitat Daivanugraha-hetukam; Manushyatvam……” that is “Three things are very difficult to obtain. Only through the grace of God, these can be obtained. To be born as a human being (is no small privilege)…..Many Saints in India have said that “Rare is human life”, so let us try to live it more consciously and do not waste this rare opportunity called Human Life.

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