Book Marketing for Dummies – Sumit Sehgal

Competition has crept into every field, be it education, economics or writing. It isn’t enough to just ensure that you are perfect in your own work. It is equally essential to ensure the sale-ability of your work, to put it in a nutshell, can you promote your work?

Writing in India has not received recognition the way it has in most other developed literary circles in the world due to a variety of factors, linguistic differences being the most important. So how does a young writer bursting with talent make it to the literary circles without goofing up? In every field the first impression is the last impression and especially so in the literary world. Whether you are writing fiction or non- fiction is immaterial what counts is whether your target audience is ready to accept your work. These are questions that every writer/author must take into account before he takes on the seemingly arduous task of getting his book on the stands. Keeping all this in mind Butterfly and the Bee is the newest platform for young authors, writers and publishers to meet, greet and recreate the literary magic. The sole aim of such hubs is not only to get you readers for your book but to essentially create a loyal reader base. With an excellent panel of editors and tie-ups with some of the best publishing houses in India, very few personalized agencies promises to be the next big thing in the Indian literary circle.


What is the point of the book however if it fails to reach the target audience for which it has been designed? From the basic detail of having an appealing book cover, to having a blurb from famous writers is all a part of the game plan. This is where a personalized agency like BTB comes into the picture allowing you to enjoy the comfort of all these services at minimum costs. With almost no charge for the publishing, they ensure that your book will not only reach stands but also reach beyond the target audience.

While for most literary agents the work stops at getting you a good publisher. If you have a personalized agency which works as a complete hub for you …they will go a step ahead to promote your book thus giving you a cutting edge over all those newbies around the country you are struggling with. For upcoming authors who have the Indian diaspora as their target audience and find it difficult to get a good publisher when they themselves are expats, here is good news for you! BTB caters to authors from across the globe at cost- effective rates so that you don’t find the pinch on your pocket.


To effectively manage the promotion of your book personalized hubs or agencies for authors are constantly working on new ways to introduce your work to a plethora of readers in various parts of the world. Newspapers are passé, with the current e- literate generation you have to feed their brain with good blogs and even better takeaways. Make sure that the agency you choose ensures that your book is in demand vis-à-vis attractive competitions and various other promotional activities that it hosts online.

Furthermore, if you are also in the process of bringing out another masterpiece you can keep your readers abreast with the latest developments on your forthcoming book. Such modules are very much needed in today’s time.


Once the book is published, the first book launch is your launch pad in the world of literature, so it becomes necessary to plan out on which is the best place your work can get suitably promoted in full public view. Make sure that the agency which you choose ensures to give you the best services at the best prices with the best locations to launch your dream into reality. You will also be able to have book launches in various parts of the country at minimum expense to your pocket something that no other marketing and promotion guru can help you with.

Also, keep in in mind that the agency who is closely working with you also takes active part in various literature festivals, be it Jaipur, Kolkata or the recently started Pune Literature festivals to have book reading sessions. This is a novel way to perk up the interest of those readers who otherwise have no interest in the genre you write.

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are being explored and exploited freely and frequently. They are good and free commercial sources. Personalized agencies have now introduced several activities for your creative juices to flow into and get exhibited to the world.