Chills On A Chilly Winter Night

Who doesn’t love the winter season? We all wait for the colder months to knock on the door of our earth. Fogs in the morning, warm tea, and a book make a great combination. Isn’t it? You feel the cold breeze on your skin which unwinds your mind. Have you ever felt the shivers running down your spine when you hear someone whispering some words in your ears and when you look behind you, you see no one behind you?

You might have heard such stories about spirits that make you excited and spooky at the same time. Here is a real tale for all of you which will make you realize “they” exist. Something spooky is on your way. Keep your fears aside and get engrossed in the real-life winter chills story. 

January 2018

In the first week of New Year, Pramila receives news from her parents that they will be shifting to Kolkata in the next month. All arrangements have been made which are needed for moving from one city to another city. Parents are just waiting to hear a positive reply from their daughter. 

Pramila used to live in Mumbai for around 40 years. She has spent a big chunk of her life in Mumbai. Her parents decided to shift to Kolkata. Pramila is a working woman and she is quite passionate about her work. When her parents decided to shift to Mumbai, she felt very upset. Living in Mumbai for 40 years and then leaving the city which has given her so many good memories and friends was not so easy for her. Eventually, she had to make up her mind and she said “Yes” to her parents. Her positive reply made her parents extremely happy. The happiness on her parent’s faces was priceless for Pramila.


She can do anything to see her parents happy. Although leaving Mumbai made her unhappy, she kept her parent’s happiness above everything. With the onset of February month, the shifting process began and Pramila along with her parents moved to The City Of Joy. Pramila’s love for Mumbai was stagnant in her mind. 

18th February 2018

As it was a colder month, shifting from Mumbai To Kolkata did not seem to be a daunting task for Pramila and her parents. Their new flat in Kolkata which was in Dumdum and close to the Netaji Subhash Chandra Airport was quite spacious and airy. While sipping warm Darjeeling tea in the early morning in her new apartment, Pramila’s mind wandered off to the City of Dreams, Mumbai where the winter season was quite pleasant.

One sweatshirt was sufficient to beat the cold. On the contrary, the weather of Kolkata was bone-chilling for her. She had to wear a hoodie and gloves in her hands which were not sufficient to make her body warm. On the winter nights, the temperature dipped below 10 degrees. You will hardly notice people on a chilly winter night in Kolkata. 

On weekdays, Pramila spent her hours in the office. Sunsets at 5:00 pm, making the surroundings dark. She used to come back home around 8:00 pm every day. On weekends, Pramila used to sit near the window of her room, watching the mist-covered streets in the morning. At times, she had to cover her ears with her cold hands because of the ear-splitting noise of an airplane that flew right above their apartment.

Winters in Kolkata are enjoyable for young people, as they can gorge on lip-smacking sweet delicacies which are specially made in the winter season. Bengalis and their love for sweets go hand-in-hand. But, Pramila was a health-conscious woman in her 40s who looks years younger than her actual age. She had a bit of an aversion to sweets since her childhood days. To give her taste buds the taste of sweet, she used to get indulged in the Sandesh which is sweet and popular among Bengalis.

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You can find a variety of Sandesh sweets in the confectionery shops when you visit Kolkata in the winter season. Days rolled by and Pramila was enjoying her new lifestyle in Kolkata with her parents. Various festivals used to amaze her and she used to dwell in the exhilaration of festivals.

December, 2018

On a bone-chilling night in December, she decided to go to bed early. The entire day was too exhausting for her in the office. After having dinner with her parents, she made a bed for herself and for her parents too. She switched off the lights of her room and prepared to go to bed. She loves to sleep in a dark room which used to give her sound sleep. So far, the winter months used to be a pleasant month for her. Tonight was different for her. 


3:15 am

Pramila was enjoying her sleep with a cushy quilt over her which kept her warm. It was a habit of Pramila to sleep on her right side. In the middle of her sleep, she feels someone is pushing her left side from behind. At first, she felt it was a dream. She ignored it and drifted off to sleep again. After a few minutes, she felt the same feeling again.

She sensed clearly that someone was pushing her left side from behind. She felt the pushing sensation with her open eyes now. She could not move her body for some time, as she was extremely scared. After a while, the pushing sensation stopped. Pramila was still in fear, as she could not close her eyes after that horrific incident. 

After a few days, she felt the same pushing sensation during her sleep. The pushing sensation sent chills down her spine. Pramila was confirmed that her room was haunted. Someone from the other world was trying to make his or her presence felt to Pramila.  The chills of the presence of the spirit got mixed with the chills of the winter season. “We exist”, whispered someone in her ears.

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