Creative and Unique Gifts for Book Lovers

Gift-giving is a thoughtful and meaningful way to show someone you care about them. However, finding the perfect gift can be a challenge, especially for those who are passionate about books. Book lovers can be a tricky group to shop for because they may already have a large collection of books or their reading preferences may be hard to determine.

In this article, we’ll provide a variety of gift ideas that are sure to delight any book lover, whether they prefer physical books or e-readers. From practical items to decorative pieces, and personalized gifts to subscription services, we’ve got you covered.

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Useful Gifts

Book lovers can always use gifts that enhance their reading experience. Some practical and useful gifts that are sure to be appreciated include:

  • Bookmarks: Bookmarks are an essential item for any book lover. They come in all shapes and sizes, and there are countless designs to choose from. From cute animal-shaped bookmarks to personalized ones with the reader’s name, bookmarks make a great gift that book lovers can use every day.
  • Reading glasses: Many book lovers are avid readers but struggle with vision problems. A good pair of reading glasses can make all the difference in the world. Glasses with blue light filtering lenses can also help reduce eye strain from prolonged screen time when using e-readers. Some brands that offer stylish and affordable reading glasses include and EyeBuyDirect.
  • Bookends: Bookends are not only practical but also make great decorative pieces. They can be used to organize books on a shelf or desk and add a touch of personality to any space. From classic wooden bookends to trendy geometric designs, bookends are available in a variety of styles to suit any taste.

These are just a few examples of useful gifts that book lovers will appreciate. When choosing a gift, consider the reader’s personal style and interests to ensure that the gift is both practical and thoughtful.

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Decorative Gifts

In addition to practical gifts, book lovers also appreciate decorative items that can add a touch of personality to their home or office. Here are some decorative gift ideas that are sure to please any book lover:

  • Book-themed candles: Candles can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for reading. Book-themed candles, with scents like “old books” or “bookstore,” can add a unique and nostalgic touch to any space. Some popular brands include Frostbeard Studio and Paddywax.
  • Art prints: Art prints featuring book quotes, book covers, or illustrations from favorite books can be a great addition to a book lover’s decor. They can be framed and hung on the wall or displayed on a bookshelf. Etsy is a great place to find unique and affordable book-themed art prints.
  • Bookshelf decorations: Bookshelf decorations can be used to organize books and add visual interest to a bookshelf. Bookends, figurines, or other small decorations can be used to create a themed display. For example, a Harry Potter fan might use Hogwarts house bookends and a wand display to organize their books.

These are just a few examples of decorative gifts for book lovers. When choosing a gift, consider the reader’s favorite books, authors, or genres to ensure that the gift is personalized and meaningful.

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Subscription Services

Subscription services are a popular gift option for book lovers. They provide a way for readers to discover new books and receive them conveniently in the mail. Here are some subscription services that cater to book lovers:

  • Book of the Month Club: Book of the Month Club is a subscription service that offers a selection of five books each month. Members can choose one book to receive or add additional books for an extra fee. The selection includes a mix of new releases and early releases of upcoming titles. Book of the Month Club also offers a discussion forum for members to chat about the books.
  • Bookish Box: Bookish Box is a subscription service that sends a monthly box of book-themed items, such as bookmarks, candles, and art prints, as well as a newly released young adult book. Each box is curated around a different theme, such as “magical realism” or “romance.” Bookish Box also offers a monthly subscription for middle-grade readers.
  • Audible: Audible is a subscription service that provides access to audiobooks. Members receive one credit per month, which can be used to purchase any audiobook in the Audible Library. Audible also offers exclusive content, such as podcasts and original audiobooks. Members can listen to audiobooks on any device and can even exchange titles if they don’t enjoy the book they’ve chosen.

These subscription services offer book lovers a convenient and enjoyable way to discover new books and authors. When considering a subscription service as a gift, think about the reader’s preferences and interests. For example, Book of the Month Club may be a good choice for readers who enjoy discussing books with others, while Audible may be a good option for readers who have a long commute or enjoy listening to books while exercising.

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Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts can add a special touch to a book lover’s library. Here are some personalized gift ideas that are sure to please any book lover:

  • Book embosser: A book embosser is a stamp that can be used to imprint a personalized message or name onto the inside cover of a book. This is a great way for book lovers to label their books and keep track of their library. Some popular brands of book embossers include Custom Library Embosser and Horchow.
  • Bookplates: Bookplates are adhesive labels that can be affixed to the inside cover of a book. They can feature a personalized message or design and can be a great way to label a book without damaging the cover or pages. Some popular brands of bookplates include Etsy sellers like Bookplate Ink and My Fair Letters.
  • Customized book covers: Customized book covers allow book lovers to create unique covers for their favorite books. They can feature a favorite quote or design and can be a great way to protect books from wear and tear. Some popular brands of customized book covers include Minted and Paperchase.

These personalized gift ideas allow book lovers to add a personal touch to their library and show off their love of books. When choosing a gift, consider the reader’s favorite books or authors, as well as their personal style and preferences.


In conclusion, finding the perfect gift for a book lover can be challenging, but there are many thoughtful and creative options to choose from. We’ve covered a variety of gift ideas, including useful gifts like bookmarks and book lights, decorative gifts like book-themed candles and art prints, subscription services like Book of the Month Club and Audible, and personalized gifts like book embossers and customized book covers. Each of these gift ideas can add a personal touch to a book lover’s library and enhance their reading experience.

When choosing a gift for a book lover, it’s important to consider their preferences and interests. A thoughtful gift shows that you care about the recipient and have taken the time to choose something that they will truly appreciate.

We encourage readers to think outside the box and get creative with their gift-giving. Whether it’s a unique bookmark or a personalized book cover, a thoughtful gift can make a lasting impression.

In conclusion, we wish readers good luck in their search for the perfect gift and hope that this article has provided helpful inspiration and ideas. Happy gifting!

Do let us know your favorite gifts in the comments section below.

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