Dear 2020... A poem by Madhumathi H.

Life defined, in thousands of languages world over

It often takes a calamity or pandemic

To teach compassion, love, gratitude, contentment…


Flapping its huge wings, in  rage(?!)

Descended a virus, to freeze the world!

Heaps and heaps of lives lost!

Food, shelter, career, health, peace

Turned a mirage for many…

Sleepless on bed of thorns, nightmares plenty


While the world curses a year

I embrace, hug gently my 2020…

Life taught us to slowdown, to pause

To look around and observe

The struggles we have often failed to notice

From a flower-seller, to the Panipuri vendor

Cotton candy, bangles,  earrings

Sweet-smelling fruits, and vegetables sold on the streets

Innumerable souls lost their living

But, I still had food on my plate, a cosy home

A big television screen, to watch the news…

I missed the Sea, walks around the lake, eating out

Roaming around, in sunshine and fresh air

Until I valued my privilege

Of staying home, and safe…

Emotional turbulence, challenges faced

Loved ones suffered, hospital visits scary


Life taught patience, and faith in darker times

A year that pulled me closer, looked into my eyes and said

“Count your blessings; you are stronger than you think”…

Eyes welled up, I smiled at life

With a new-born hope…

Collecting creating cherishing moments, is what life is all about

As much as I received, in gratitude I gave

Love, kindness, a listening heart to some aching souls

Little acts of compassion, to restore smiles

Giving, is joy!

A year that created more givers, more shoulders

Bringing us all under a single roof of humanity

A year that made the world meet

More artists, unseen talents, and brimming passion

Reiterating the honeyed truth

‘Art is elixir, art sustains life’…

A year, when Nature felt nourished, replenished

Connected people, healed past wounds

Technology being the bridge, like never before…

As the year has almost come to an end

Looking back

Though it aches to see a void, some fog and mist

I believe the world has learnt a huge lesson

“Life is unpredictable, ephemeral

Before it is too late, give more

Forgive more, love more…”

All the chaos taken care of

My heart bows down in gratitude

To the selfless saviours, frontline warriors

While I slowly sipped coffee, cardamom tea, and wrote poetry…

With inexplicable tears, I hold this year

Whisper a ‘sorry’, a heartfelt apology

For all the abuses, curses, and stones pelted by the world

Give a goodbye kiss, with loads of love

As I carry the lessons in my heart

To welcome a beautiful year, waiting to be our Mentor…

About Madhumathi H.
A bilingual poet-writer(Tamil, English), Madhumathi is an ardent lover of Nature, Poetry, Photography, and Music. Her poems are published in Anthologies of The Poetry Society(India), Chennai Poetry Circle, IPC, Amaravati Poetic Prism, and in e-zines UGC approved Muse India, International Writer’s Journal, Storizen, Our Poetry Archives, Positive Vibes, and Science Shore.

Besides Poetry, Madhumathi writes on Mental health, to create awareness and break the stigma, strongly believing in the therapeutic and transformational power of words.

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