Discover What’s Inside You

A short story by Madhusudhanan S

There is a lush green forest in a Snow Clouded Mountains. In between the Snow Clouded Mountains was a beautiful river stream, which was little far away from a big city. In that Big City, there was a Successful Businessman, Ramesh, who had raised his business empire due to his hard work, Intellectual abilities, and his skills. It took him decades to build his business empire, and he was always looked at as the most successful entrepreneur for all these years.

Suddenly, due to some unexpected circumstances, his entire business empire, which he built for more than decades of hard work was ready to crumble in a few days. He was weeping within because he don’t know what to do now? He was unable to find any kind of solution as he was exhausted and had no one to give him solace or help him to find the solution.

So, Ramesh took his car, and went deep inside these Snow Clouded Mountain Forests, in search of solace. He went near the river stream, sat, and started weeping loudly since he cannot see anyone around.

man praying to god

Ramesh was screaming and scolding God, for making his life terrible within no time. He was saying

Oh God, what did I do? All my decades of hard work are now going to crumble? Are you happy? What Should I do now? Why are you doing this to me? Are you really there or you are the biggest lie in this world?”

Unable to bear the pain, which he is going through he kept weeping near the River Stream of the Snow Clouded Mountain forests. Slowly, his weep came to halt and was wondering what will happen now or what to do now.

An Old Wise Man, who is a bohemian, came that way and was watching everything quietly from a distance, since, Ramesh came near the river stream. Now, he slowly went near the river stream and washed his hands and legs in front of Ramesh, as if he didn’t notice him. Ramesh was also watching what the Old Wise Man was doing. After, cleaning his hands and legs, the Old Wise Man slowly started walking further, seeing this Ramesh was surprised.

He thought to himself that “In this deep forest, hardly people pass each other, and when they do, they spend some time in a conversation and then they leave in their respective directions. Here, is a man, who hardly noticed me and then went in his own way even without greeting me. He is an Old Man and walks further deep in the forests all alone?” So he thought of the striking conversation with him and went behind him and greeted him

Ramesh: “Hey, Old Man, I am Ramesh, a big businessman, I think you didn’t notice me while you came to wash your hands and legs near the river stream, so I thought of talking to you by myself.”

Old Wise Man: “Hello, Ramesh, Sorry, as you see I am an old man so would have not noticed due to my poor eyesight.”

Ramesh: “I thought so, it’s okay. Where are you going deep inside the forests at this time?”

Old Wise Man: “I am a Bohemian Sir. I am going to the other side of this snow-clouded mountain. And you know this is the only way to do it? Right”

Ramesh: “Yes, it’s indeed. But, now the sun is setting down, you are going deep inside the forests, what if any wild animals come and attack you? And by the time, you reach the safest place in the forests it will be midnight? So why can’t you come with me and spend tonight? I will drop you at the other side of the Snow CloudedMountain tomorrow morning.

Old Wise Man: “Oh, that’s so nice of you dear. But, I have to go tonight itself. I am not new to these forests. I know to manage myself. Thanks for your concern.”

Ramesh: “But Old Man, with your speed, I am afraid you can’t make it tonight to the other side of the Snow Clouded Mountain. Kindly, listen to me – it is going to become dark now.”

Old Wise Man: “So nice of you, Young Man. Thanks, but, I know to take of myself, so please don’t worry. I am used to Darkness as well as Light, for me there is no difference”

Ramesh was thinking to himself “thisOld Man is very Stubborn and seems will not listen to me. Let’s leave, now”

Ramesh: “Okay Old Man, I will not stop you further. Take Care of Yourself and reach safely.”

Old Wise Man:  “Thanks Son for your caring words. You too take care and reach your home safe.”

Ramesh was turned to go back and started walking slowly, he heard the Old Wise Man’s Voice Saying/ Singing

Old Wise Man:

“Oh Shyama, Remember the Darkness will vanish when Light comes;

There is always Calm before the Storm and also there is Calm after the Storm.

Why you worry Oh’ Shyama – he who gave life to you and the world takes care of everything, What burden you have? Relax Oh Shyama, Relax Oh Shyama, Relax”

The Mesmerizing voice of the Old Wise Man made Ramesh feel as if a cool breeze had hit his heart. He Felt warmth. So he went near the Old Wise Man again and asked politely

Ramesh: “Oh Sir, What a Beautiful mesmerizing voice you have, it was as if a cool breeze has entered my heart and given me solace, for which I came in search; can you please help me with your wise words?”

Old Wise Man now smiled seeing his tone changing from egoistic to humbleness.

Old Wise Man: “What can this Old Man do for you, dear? I am not wise as you say. I’m just a Bohmian.”

Ramesh: “Sir, your beautiful song has reduced my heart, and the words of your songs have touched me; those words in your song are wise words. So, I request you to please help me, sir?

Old Wise Man: “Okay, but, tell me, what I can do for you, dear? And why were you weeping and yelling at God before few minutes”

Ramesh (in surprise): “How do you know sir? All while you have been watching me?”

Old Wise Man: “Yes, my son”


Old Wise Man: Smilingly replied “My Son, Yes, I was watching you weeping and yelling at god. Yes, I pretended as if I didn’t notice you all the while. You may feel as if I Cheated you and think of me as so Cruel, but, Young Man, you were in your own space all those times, I don’t want to disturb your own moments. You are yelling and weeping near a river stream that too inside a forest, this itself means, you wanted to be alone at that time. That’s the reason I didn’t disturb you.

Yes, I came near the river stream to wash my hands and legs and pretended as if I didn’t watch you because, by that time you were calming down yourself, so I felt that’s not the right time to converse with someone. And moreover, I don’t advise or go and help people until it’s required and sought out.

man standing on a beach during daytime photo

Ramesh: Sarcastically said “Wow, what an Insight!! – Justifying your actions, in the most beautiful way, to show your talent of speech!! Hats off Old Man!” Now you have heard my cry and yelling at God, tell me what should I do, in your knowledge Old Man?

Old Wise Man: “Do, What You can do, My Son! Leave Everything to God.”

Ramesh: Sarcasm continues “God? Oh, did he even exist?

Old Wise Man: “Son, Whatever is bound to happen will happen. Do your best, Aim for the Best, Rest will be Taken Care of”

Ramesh: Sarcasm continues “So you’re a Fatalist? Okay. You Believe everything happens as it should happen. Great. What a Fool I am – asking an Old Man whom I thought would be a wise man.”

Old Wise Man: Do You Read Any Scriptures, my Son?

Ramesh: Sarcasm at his peak “Oh, here comes religion, Old Man, sorry for mistaking you as a Wise Man – you carry on now. Else you will be taken care of by Animals in the forests!!!” and for your question “Yes, I have read scriptures to some extent”.

Old Wise Man: “I will my son, don’t worry about me now. So, you must have known the famous sloka of Bhagavad Gita, on Work”

Ramesh: “Oh yeah, I know it is

          “Karmnayevadikaraste ma phaleshuKadachana
Ma karma phalaheturbhur ma tesangastvakarmani”

Which means that “Don’t expect results, just do the work” So what’s a Big deal Old Man?

Old Wise Man: “wow, so You are an intelligent man, you not only know the sloka but also you know its meaning, but, still unable to follow the same? So you’re not wise enough then.

Ramesh: Sarcasm continues “Oh, is it easy to follow? – Yes, I am not a wise man but a fool who expected some solution from you?

Old Wise Man: “Expectations Lead to Disappointment son. So, stop expecting.”

Ramesh: sarcastically “Ah… here comes Philosophy. I am a fool, I would have listened to people who said me to do the right thing. If I have listened to them, then today this stage wouldn’t have come and nor I would have been in front of you”

Old Wise Man: Smiling and Sarcastically “Oh, so you speak as if you listen to others”, and “I am sure people will tell you what’s good/bad for you and what you should do as well not to do. Right?”

Ramesh: Sighing said, “Oh God, yes, Maybe – what are you up to Old Man?”

Old Wise Man: “People want you to listen and believe them and they wanted you to believe their solutions and they don’t want you to find your own solutions/ answers.”

Ramesh: Now, attentively asked the old man “What are you trying to say, sir?”

man in a black coat grayscale photo

Old Wise Man: “Any person you meet mayor will tell you that you wanted to do this or that and also this/that is good for you? But, have you tried to find out yourself these things?

Ramesh: with little pause “mmm No, Sir!”

Old Wise Man: “Have you ever listened to your inner voice? Have you ever seen what’s inside you? That’s the one place where people are afraid to go. So, go deep within yourself there lies the treasure for all your needs!!!”

Ramesh: “But Sir, I am unable to listen to my inner voice?”

Old Wise Man: “Calm your mind, go deep within, there lies the real treasure, you will find a solution for all your problems. Remember, these things – Reading Scriptures alone is not enough, trying to live according to it will make life easier; Stop gathering about yourself from others, follow your heart, and find yourself the Truth. Above all, Show Love and Affection to all equally. Then life will be easy. Now, I have to go, it’s too late.

Ramesh: “Thank you sir for your valuable insights and time. I will try my level best. Take care and Reach Safely sir”

Old Wise Man: “You too”. The Old Wise Man continued his journey and started singing in his usual mesmerizing voice

Oh Shyama, What is this world? Where nothing remains!!
What is this world? A resting place of so many souls!
What is this world? Where everyone is bohemian!!
What is this world? Where everything comes and goes!
What is this world? Where nothing is permanent!!
Yet clinging to each other, as if it’s their own!
Oh Shyama, Where do I go, except you- my beloved!!

Mesmerizing Voice of Old Wise Man started waning slowly as both started walking in their own directions. Hearing his mesmerizing voice, while going back, Ramesh, realized some of the reality of life. While driving back, he kept pondering about the conversations he had with Old Wise Man and was thinking about his mesmerizing voice.

Now, Ramesh was in a more relaxed frame of mind, suddenly in a flash got an idea/ solution for his business problems. He went to his office the next day and solved his business problems more than he would ever imagine earlier. After, a few days, he was still able to remember the old Wise Man’s mesmerizing voice and was pondering the meaning of the songs of the Old Wise Man.

While he was pondering, he understood the real meaning of it. Ramesh, started practicing to go within and to find out what’s within him – his life was transformed forever now. He learned the lesson that nothing is permanent in this world, nothing stays for a long time and that made him grounded always. He distributed his wealth and lived a very simple and humble life thereafter.

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