The paparazzi is electrified

A sleazy story their way

Before the night ends the day

A life has ebbed away.


A note by the diva to bid life adieu

The journos frothed and salivated

Possibly a triangle or a jealous wife at bay?

Inconclusive judgement kept the press in a fray.


Famous she had been

Her adventures lacked class

When love strayed away

She cracked like a fragile glass.


Swaying moods and abusive tantrums

Yellow press eclipsed her sheen

Oh She!  a sleep deprived insomniac

Oh, She! a nympho- pill popping machine.


She turned bi-polar, a pendulum  to and fro

A null and void life

Dismantled, disentangled

Dispossessed, with nowhere to go.


Her life all flak, her epitaph a great review

Media raved and ranted

The terminal note donated vital organs

She will live on anew.


About the Author/Poet:

Mamta Joshi did her Masters in History from Allahabad University. Her poems, reflective essays, prose pieces and short stories have appeared in national dailies and international e-magazines. A free spirit, she works with equal ease in Hindi and English.


The poem appeared first in Storizen Magazine May 2018 Issue. You can read the Magazine here.


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