Dream or Illusion: A Short Story

Written by Madhusudhanan S

There was a seller who sells beautiful watches in the market. His name is Ravi. He was a lovely, honest and happy man. But, for the past few days, he was in a disturbed mood because of something and he was seeking a solution/ answer to his problem. He asked many people who come to his shop and also known scholars, but still unable to find out the solution.

Then one day a poor man with torn shirts and trousers entered his shop. Ravi welcomed him to his shop as he always does for all his customers.

The poor man gave his watch for repair and asked him

“Ravi, is something is bothering you? “

Ravi sighed and said, yes I am disturbed by something and unable to find any solution to date. The poor man asked maybe I can help you, tell me what is disturbing you.

Ravi was reluctant, as he thought many scholars couldn’t solve his problem or solution. How come this poor man can? Still, since he wanted a solution to his problem, he told his problem to the poor man.

The poor man on hearing his problem said:

Oh, that’s your problem. Okay.”

Now the poor man asked

“Ravi, can you repair a watch from outside?”

man in black shirt in grayscale photo

Ravi was repairing this poor man’s watch and with brief irritation said,

“Ah, how can one do it? No, it’s not possible?”

Then the poor man said,

Exactly. Your problem doesn’t have a solution from the outside. You need to go within and find out the solution yourself. Don’t waste your time by seeking a solution outside. Go within and find out yourself.”

By this time, Ravi has repaired this poor man’s watch. On hearing the words of the poor man, Ravi was startled and felt as if something which he thought was a substantial burden was removed in no time. He gave the poor man a deep hug and thanked him for the solution. He also gave back his watch, which was repaired, and didn’t charge anything for it as a token of thanks.

He felt as if some obstacles has been removed from his life for the first time. The poor man said he would find the answer by going within which Ravi followed sincerely. Now, Ravi is a very cheerful and contented man. As he found out the answer to his question — whether life is a dream or an illusion.

About the Author:

Madhusudhanan S is an Economist by profession. He loves to write Fiction, Essays, and issues on Economics. He has published essays and stories in selfgrowth.com, Storizen Magazine,  and twist & twain

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