Editor’s Choice – Shades Of Love – Dark & Darker

They say love comes in all shapes, colors, and sizes, well! That is true. While can be blooming, glittery and sparkling, love can also at times be toxic and dark. It is because love is always associated with people and people are never black and white. There are a lot of grey areas too.

Here is a compiled list of different shades of love that we often experience in our entire lifetime.

1. The puppy love: Usually it is also called as the high school romance love. Here, everything is viewed through a pink-tinted glass. There is no responsibility only fun! The puppy mushy love is often the most innocent type of love we ever experience. But, some of us grow out of it pretty soon.

2. The insecure love: At times, we tend to feel like possessing the person we love. We care for them, without a doubt but at times there is so much that is wrapped in the blanket of care. Love that is insecure, is already in a deep mess. When one partner is insecure about the other one, there are very fewer chances of that love to survive.



3. The love that lust: There is a thin line between loving someone and lusting after them. At times, we don’t even get where the line is blurred. There are so many people who believe that they love someone while they are simply lusting after them.

4. The love that is toxic: Your person may not be encouraging, he/she may not show interest in the things you are passionate about – if you think this is completely normal, well think again! This kind of love is toxic. Perhaps, here we are so blind in love that we can’t even see if the other person is truly in love with us or not.

5. The love that is stressful: Fights and disagreements are good to happen only when they are always overpowered by love and respect for each other. At times, we don’t even realize how stressful the entire relationship has become. The love that is stressful and takes the focus away from your life need not be there at all.

6. The love that seems perfect: There are times when you feel you have found a perfect person. There are no disagreements, there is no scope for fights. Things look perfect and that is exactly why this kind of love is devastating. The spark dies and monotony comes in, you do not disagree on anything so the fiction is reduced too. This causes a problem. This shows that you have settled for normalcy.

You stumble upon a lot many shades of love before you finally find that perfect shade which matches to your soul and lets you be your amazing self. This process is long and at times it can make you give up but do not give up on finding love! Let the right shade of love find you.

This article first appeared in Storizen Magazine March 2019 


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