Fiesta of Love and Happiness – Holi by Saptarshi Das

This article has been published in March 2018 edition of Storizen Magazine. You can read it here

Coming from an army background, I have traveled to different states met different types of people – the conservative, the open-minded and the hypocrites. None of them knew why they are the way they are. Yet they represent one of the many colors that fly in the air like we celebrate the festival of color – Holi!

Being an Indian, I have always wondered why people never understood the concept of celebration! Yes, it means you show off your happiness, bank balance and arrogance to others to make them feel smaller than you. But celebration also has another side to it. Let’s take Holi as an example.

The Festival of color – How unique and unbiased! It tells us many stories about how good won over evil, how the one with the innocent heart stayed unhurt and the one who was immune to fire met a drastic fate because she wished him harm. The malice in her heart got the best of her (or the worst)!

The day before Holi (Dhuleti) is celebrated by burning wood is symbolic of the weakness and passions that dominate our minds. On the pious occasion of Holi, we should take a vow to renounce lust and desires and to inculcate the divine virtues of love for God, goodwill, sympathy, faith in God.

Holi helps us understand how pious humanity is and how we as the representatives of human nature must put aside all our differences for once to unite even in the vibrancy and hue of various colors. Whatever has happened is past? Forget it. If you got praise, fine; if you got insults, fine; it’s all over now. Immerse yourself in Self-Bliss.\

I have bathed myself in the various colors of life, yet when I see people from every caste, culture, and background come together on this day; my heart feels the true warmth of love, care, and belongingness that comes with humanity.

I just hope and pray that each year when we celebrate this festival, we keep reminding ourselves that one fine day we will turn into ash and become part of this Mother Nature. And when that day comes, we won’t be able to identify which caste we belonged to, what color we were and which religion we followed. But, until that day comes, let’s observe only one religion, let’s preach only one subject, let’s follow only one culture and let’s celebrate only one festival. Holi – The colorful festival of love and humanity, the path that shall lead us towards blessedness.