Giving Life a Fresh Start – The Present is a PRESENT

by Suparna Rijhwani

Sometimes in the business of life, we become like robots, frenzied, automated, and mechanical. Even our social outings sometimes seem to promote repetitive behavior or repetitive activity. Thus, life goes on, the mind numbs out and everything seems pointless! Until of course nature, fate or destiny strikes through.

It happened to me, it was all as described, repetitive, automatic, and frenzied. A family, a job, and a social life and lost in the middle is me. Nothing much made sense other than fait accompli or out of a sense of duty. Morning till night and over the weekends it seemed like I am plugged into a socket draining my soul away.

Then one day my fate stepped in, as a health scare. It was nothing overtly major but significant enough to throw me off balance, unexpected, painful, and completely blindsided me. I needed surgery. I went through with it, endured it, and in its aftermath was confined to my house for a while as I recuperated.

There I was on my bed, with my body protesting any movement and time was on my hand asking me to play the devil with my mind. Thoughts crashed through, emotions washed over me, and I contemplated. Of opportunities missed, love lost, friends gone, and moments snatched away. An article made its way to me, about the needless time we spend on the past and some more on contemplating the future.

The present is a ‘present’ waiting for us to reopen. I decided to make that present mine and searched up my close friends whom I had lost touch with over the years, over reasons irrelevant in my mind. Thank God for Google and social media I located a few, sending friend requests. I was open to the idea of not being able to reconnect at all, that a lot of water has flown under the bridge, and we won’t be able to connect at all!

two women sitting on brown wooden bench

Surprise! I heard back from a few close friends who were more than happy to reconnect and connect we could like never a day has been lost between us. Sharing stories and just saying Hi!

So at this juncture giving a fresh start to life could be as simple as reconnecting, doing that course I have been putting off, dipping my fingers in a field I so wanted to try out, all this and more!

Life is too uncertain, too full of curve balls to hold grudges, plan ahead (COVID at least taught us that!), and surrender to regrets. Not anymore, I decided, I will open myself to every opportunity and give a fresh start every day. Life is beautiful when surrounded by the people you love, and care and they return that emotion many times over!

About the Author –

Suparna is a creative person with a strong inclination toward education and writing. She loves to travel, does maths & be a parent. Over the course of years she has written for many blogs and maintains her own personal blog, along with that she co-founded an online magazine Festive Riot, focusing on festivals.

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