A Hidden Allegory, a Poem by Bishaldeep Kakati

Painful and heart-wrenching!
That waterfall of ‘Karbi Anglong’,
Has a long tale to tell.
A tale,
That might
Turn you pale.

Why and how?
Where and what?
Questions hover,
Making people
Perplexed and Baffled!

That feeble waterfall
Stood as the bystander.
Silently watching,
The aesthetic beauty die.
The barbaric screams hovering,
Made her numb and deaf.
And she couldn’t bestow her lap,
For the two
Who bellowed hard.

The waterfall died.
The barbarians stole away
The dulcet tones of her.
And along with the two,
The waterfall
Went away
In the stream of red blood.

Sigh! The dream is no more alive.
The beautiful pictures
Won’t be drawn again.
And the lullabies
Won’t be
Sweet and soothing again.

Ah! Amidst the ambience
Of that waterfall,
And around the deep greeneries
Of ‘Karbi Anglong’,
A hidden excruciating allegory,
Will always call all,
To unveil the
Unheard and the unprecedented
Lost glory.

About Bishaldeep Kakati-

He is currently a law student under Gauhati University. Apart from writing, he is also passionate about debating, cooking and playing table tennis. Recently he also acted as the Editor of the international anthology ‘Fire The Pyre’.  Currently, he is also working as one of the editors of Poetry World Organization.