How hope can help you in your life and transform it for better


What is one thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word hope? Let me share mine, I always picture the two leaves that pop in from a concrete floor where there is slight sand/soil. Yes, that’s HOPE for me.

Years back I was going through a depressive face where everything felt so Dark and Gloomy, I had nothing to look forward to but one day I saw that picture which I explained above and that was the Universe way of giving me Sign that, no matter how much dejected is the situation there is always something to be hopeful for and that’s what altered my life.

Photo by Michelle Leman from Pexels

Hope is the way to a better and happier life.

Hope is the ray of light when you are passing through a Dark Tunnel.

Hope keeps you moving when you are in midst of a struggle or challenge.

Hope is that one ray of sunshine which you see when Dusk is about to end.

Hope will always keep you moving when you will face a wall that seems impossible to climb.

So, when Life throws Lemon at you, just add a Flavor of HOPE, make Margarita out of it, sit back and relax and now you know there is nothing that can defeat you because you have the strongest sword. Hope gives birth to Joy, Happiness, Smiles, and Courage.

Keep it ALIVE Always and Forever. Once your brain is wired to be hopeful and grateful there is no way any obstacle can stop you from being Victorious.

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