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What is success? Is there a tangible yardstick to measure it? Or is it a state of mind? When can we say that we are truly successful in life? Let’s try and explore the possibility of measuring a term, we use frequently in our conversations. Let’s try and see if we really balance the success in our lives or fall prey to the golden deer who always evades us.

Success is a subjective term. It means different things to different people. A beggar will have a sense of contentment and probably feel successful even if he manages to get fifty rupees a day. However, a business tycoon’s appetite for multi-million-dollar deals may keep on increasing with every deal he clinches.

A classic example of what success means to different people can be found in the 70’s classic blockbuster ‘Deewar’, where Big B’s character arrogantly says he is successful because he owns a house, car, and several other add-ons; to which his brother retorts, “Mere Paas Maa Hai”. Sure enough, different yardsticks were used by both individuals to measure success.

Success is often scripted by the underlying character of the individual. Character, in turn, is an amalgamation of four different aspects, which, consciously or otherwise, govern our lives. These four aspects, when viewed collectively through the prism of character, decide how we live our life.

The four aspects are spirituality, relationships, health, and wealth, in that order. The order is based on the priority which we should be giving in our lives. However, in practical life, we tend to follow the aspects in the reverse order. Each of these aspects brings about inner instincts in an individual that helps him to strive and achieve success. Let’s try and understand them and their influence on our character.


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Spirituality is the process of connecting with the Supreme power above. In many ways, this aspect is more important than others. It is a foundation on which the pillar of our character is built. So, how do we connect to the One above? Many spiritual books have been written and many spiritual leaders have given heart-touching speeches. Does the process end by reading a book or listening to a good orator?

“The successful person makes a habit of doing what the failing person doesn’t like to do.”

– Thomas Edison

Spirituality is a continuous process that needs to be inculcated in our lives. It’s not as complicated as it sounds. Greater than anything you desire, connecting with the source allows you to develop a relationship with the Source. You may have heard it before – go with the flow. It does not mean that you must be a part of a herd. It simply means to connect with the source and let the life flow. Don’t overburden yourself with the pressures of life. Give it your best shot and leave the rest to the Mighty source above. He knows what is best for you. Trust Him and just go with the flow.


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Relationships are all about interactions with different individuals. It begins from the moment we are born till the time we die. The relationship-building process, as we know it, begins at home. David O McKay, a religious leader, once said, “No success can compensate for failures at home.”

The fullness of success is enjoyed when we share it with others. It has rightly been said that if you want to see a man’s character, see how many people are happy when he is successful. It shows the true character of the person. Sharing your success within the relationships strengthens the chords of emotional bonding, which in turn increases the emotional quotient of the individual.


Health brings about an instinct for well-being. Every individual is striving to upgrade his or her personal life. You must have heard this before; a healthy mind leads to a healthy body. However, these days healthy body leads to, well, a subconsciously arrogant mind.

Being healthy encompasses the mind, body as well as soul. We should try to achieve a sense of well-being in all these aspects. A healthy mind and a healthy body can do wonders to the character of a person as well as for the people around him.


Wealth creation is essential for the survival of mankind. Wealth creation leads to value addition in whatever we strive to achieve. The process of wealth creation was with an intention to add value to the work as well as to the character of a person. Creative satisfaction was of more importance than wealth creation.

However, over time, in a bid to increase the pace of wealth creation, value addition and creativity have taken a backseat. This in turn may lead to the deterioration of the character of an individual. Wealth creation is essential for survival. However, the ways and means to achieve wealth are also of utmost importance. Wealth created unethically goes as quickly as it comes. Hence, wealth creation and value addition to the society as well as the self should go hand in hand.

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It is very important to have the right balance in all these aspects of our lives to love and be loved. Without these aspects, we are more like a lifeguard who can’t swim. Each of us possesses all these quality aspects, albeit in varying degrees. We only need to polish and refine them a little to make our lives worthwhile and make the world a better place to live.

When you know who you are and you are confident that you are headed in the right direction, success follows eventually. The irony with success is, that you don’t have to push too hard. It is more like a shadow; you move ahead and it will follow you. However, if you try to run after it, you will never be able to catch it.

Take a moment right now and stop what you are doing. Take a careful look at these four aspects of your life and see whether your instincts are headed in the right direction.

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