How To Overcome The Darker Side Of Success?

We all have been constantly running behind success. One achievement or the other, one milestone after other – there is hardly any feeling of satiation. The funny fact is; success means different to each one of us & yet we try to achieve so many things based on the parameters set by others.

While there is no harm is being successful & achieving everything you ever desired for, one must be aware of its dark side. Often people fall prey to greed & don’t understand where to stop.

If you are one of those people or even if you know someone who has gone through this – make sure you let them know what can be done.

Wait. Pause – Take a deep breath& pause. In this entire life, it is important to know when to pause and take a backseat. The moment you feel that you have overdone things you need to pause. It doesn’t matter how profitable the next deal is. JUST PAUSE.

Balance is the key – Often when you fall prey to the dark side of success you don’t realize that you have thrown the balance of life out of the window. Get down and bring it back. It is absolutely necessary to have a good balance in life. Irrespective of which walk of life you have come from – balancing everything is important. The moment you go off balance is the moment you fall on your knees.

Talk it out & address – It is important to have your support system well in place. Keep in touch with your friends & family. Often they help you stay on the track. Every time you feel that you are getting overboard, these set of people shall come to the rescue.

Keep in touch – Spirituality is something that keeps your feet on the ground. Indulging in yoga, meditation helps you keep calm and see a better picture altogether. So don’t lose your roots & get in touch with spirituality.

Spend time with underprivileged – To understand the value of life & be grateful about it, make it a point to visit a nearby orphanage or talk to the less privileged category of society. This will make you realize the value of creating a good life & the blessings you are blessed with in this life. 

Success is often one of the goals in our lives however, one must understand that there is no end to it. See it as a pathway, not a destination. One milestone after the other the meaning of success keeps changing. Remember, success is just like saltwater – the more you drink the thirstier you become

(Written by Pooja Bagul)

This article first appeared in Storizen Magazine August 2019 Issue

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