Summer is a time of sunshine and happiness. And to probably most of the people around the globe, summer would be synonymous with the beach. There would not be any need for any survey and study, everyone can loudly agree that going to the beach is equatable to the BEST TRIP EVER!! And if you are one beach-obsessed individual, the ocean calls to you, and the further you are from it, the sadder you get. And I can safely assume that you have always thought of yourself as a mermaid, even if it is just in your dreams.

It is no wonder why the beach is most of the time remembered as a happy place for almost everyone. From family outings, teens gathering for some beach fun, even a couple of well-in years of lovebirds walking hand in hand by the shoreline, the beach is a place full of wonderful moments and memories. And science can back up that indeed, spending time to splash around is beneficial for all, from babies to the oldies.

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The calming sound of the waves is good for meditation and for calming the soul. The relaxing sound is good for improving mental clarity and helps in alleviating depression. The gigantic big blue landscape helps in getting those creative juices running. It is also worth mentioning that those salty waters and healing ions do a ton in de-stressing and in healing whatever knots you have on.

Your first love may be the beach, and now that you have a family on your own, you would want to share your love for the big blue with them. It would not be a problem if you and your spouse share the same passion over beaches since it might mean that your kids would just be naturally inclined to love what you love. But in the case that you doubt your genetic prowess, here are some tips on how to enjoy a sunny day out at the beach with your toddler:

Safety First

Safety is always the key to keeping the enjoyment throughout the day. You can start this by reminding your toddler of some basic rules even before the day of the trip. Include some safety instructions while keeping the excitement high days prior. And be sure to remind from time to time, since your child might get too distracted with everything that is going on around.

Pack the Right Stuff

It never fails to be prepared for any eventuality… especially with a toddler. Make sure to pack all the necessities like diapers, baby wipes, extra sets of clothing, sunscreen, snacks, water, first aid kit, formula, and towels. Aside from the essentials, don’t forget YOUR own beach bag. Do not forget to bring along some umbrella, hats, sun shades, and of course the toys.

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Sun Protection

Yes, soaking up on those vitamin D’s are good for everyone. But protecting your toddler from harmful UV rays are a must. Make sure to have your tot slathered in sunscreen, and reapply as needed. Let them wear some hats and sun shades for added protection.

Remember that the sun is at its full exposure from 11 am to 4 pm. So make sure to keep them under shade as much as possible during those hours. It would be even better to schedule your beach trip early, to avoid having your kid under the heat of the sun.

Sleeping Space

The sound of the sea is sure to conk out babies and toddlers. It must remind them of the good old days in utero, where all they did was sleep. So when that happens, make sure that you have the sleeping space that they could crash on, where they are protected from nature’s elements. A tent or a windbreak, plus a thick towel can do the trick.

Be Sure to Hydrate

A beach is a place where kids would love to lose track of time. There will be so many things to explore and the place is simply a sensory overload. While these little explorers might get busy digging around and splashing about, don’t forget to get them enough water to avoid dehydration. Bring some cold drinks and fruits for variety.

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One hack is to have those fever patches on hand, so you can just stick one up the forehead to keep them cool under the heat of the sun. The key to having a great day at the beach with your toddler is in being able to read and understand how your child is taking the trip. While it would be great for everyone if the young one was able to enjoy as much as everyone else had on the trip, it would still be wise to keep the expectations low.

Also, no matter how good the day may start, oversensitized kids are prone to tantrums by the end of the day. So be sure to be able to ready your child’s cues and act on them as necessary.

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