Hues – A Short Story by Sowmya Reddy

Adhya finally logged out of Instagram after four consecutive screen time notifications for every ten minutes. Adhya spent most of her time on social media leading to headaches and insomnia. She decided to limit herself from using it for a long time and today she succeeded a bit. Yes, you read it right. It’s a bit. These bits become large chunks later on. Adhya smiled at herself for the little achievement and thought “Why don’t I reward myself ?”

Minutes later Adhya came from the kitchen with her choco cupcake and went into her room to pick a book. She chooses A Murder On Malabar Hill by Sujata Massey.

She sat making herself comfortable in the swing in the front yard and multitasked. Adhya was so engrossed that it took a few birds chirping to distract her. She looked at the sky in pursuit of those birds, she could see specks. Maybe they were Larks thought she remembering the poem “Lark and the Rook” from her childhood. Her eyes caught the beauty above. There stood an enormous yellowish Sun with a red blush on either side of it. Adhya chuckled at the Sun’s golden rays filtering through the trees, decorating her and the surroundings. The scenario reminded her of the Glitter filter by Instagram.

Adhya felt much warm under the Sun rather than her blanket. She observed the colourful leaves which were in all hues of greens a few days ago. They were falling off trees and piling up on one another because it was Autumn. She studied the colours on them red, orange, yellow and what not. They were multicoloured hues of Autumn splashed onto silks. She was between a mess but, a beautiful mess. And that mess took her down the memory lane.

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It was right here in this very season a few years ago. As usual, Adhya was home by 8:00 pm. It was just home, work, and again home for Adhya and nothing in between. Anyone could guess where she would be at this hour. Adhya heard a knock on the door. Isn’t it strange knocking on a door in these times though there is a bell? Adhya waited for a few minutes because she couldn’t see anyone waiting for her. As soon as Adhya opened the door she couldn’t believe her eyes.

On the doorstep was a small box wrapped in red paper and tied with a golden ribbon. On opening it she found another box which contained photos. Photos of her and Satya. Satya and Adhya were colleagues first, friends later. Both of them had feelings for each other. You don’t need to flirt or touch someone to love them. You can do it from afar too. It’s not being with each other every minute but it’s being with each other in times of hardships and yes, in happy times too. Love according to them wasn’t texting every day or exchanging their passwords alike most of them today.

It was platonic love yet, telepathic. Every little moment of theirs was captured in those photos. Underneath the last one was an envelope. The envelope contained the much-awaited question “Will you be mine forever?” The moment Adhya read the question tears welled up in her eyes. Satya with a Rose was already kneeling in front of her and she yelled a yes. I must tell you that they were the happiest people at that moment. God alone only knows what is in store for you, me, him, and her.

A few months later Adhya was waiting for Satya to open the door to surprise him. She rung the bell, knocked on the door, and called him. Either way, there wasn’t any response. It was his birthday tomorrow and she wanted to be the first person to wish him at 12:00am because he was a part of her life. Adhya decided to take a walk around the house rather than stand in front of the door. As she walked an arched window caught her eye and she saw what she had missed long ago.

The snowy curtains fluttering to the wind gave her access to the insides of the room. She saw Satya kissing a girl which lead to further intimacy. On seeing this Adhya felt week in the knees, her head spun, she felt the world around her turn upside down. She felt anger, love, hate all at once. Adhya left the surprise at his doorstep and left. She never thought he would deceive her. She was astonished to find the man she loved had all these hues. That was the last time she saw him. Isn’t it ironic? The one who loves truly knows what love is yet isn’t truly loved.

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Even today she feels that pain. The pain which leaves one to regret, to find any flaw in themselves, leaves a pile of unanswered questions and a burden to carry for a lifetime. Love can be shared but pain can never be shared. It resides in that person forever though you hold onto it or leave it. Adhya’s still holding onto that pain. She is still there in that dimension. After a long time of gazing at the trees and the fallen leaves, Adhya comes to the present. Looks like she’s done some deep thinking.

When these trees are shedding a huge amount of leaves every minute of the day then why can’t I shed that one leaf of mine? When they are shedding those precious parts of theirs then why can’t I? Why can’t I let it go? questioned, Adhya to herself.

“Rahiman Dhaga Prem Ka, Mat Todo Chatkaye |

Tute Pe Phir Na Jure, Jure Gaanth Paree Jaay ||”

Is one of the famous Doha by Raheem which states, “Love is a very delicate thread and must never be broken. If it is broken it can only be joined by a knot. But, that knot will be present forever.”

Rather than living between knots forever, isn’t moving on the best?. Move on like Adhya who finally won in doing so. She is currently busy face-timing Raj to help her select jewels for their wedding.

About the Author –

Sowmya Reddy

Sowmya Reddy is currently pursuing engineering in the field of Information Technology. She is an introvert who pens her views and feelings on paper. She indulges in poetry when she has something to convey and when she wishes to escape from life. She believes writing is another way to bring out change, a change that is not temporary but permanent.

A poem of hers was published in an anthology Pinwheel by Aarthi Sampath and another one is on the way. A poem written for an online poetry competition held by Delhi Poetry Slam was also published in their e-magazine. These days she is also trying her hand at prose.

Instagram – reddy_sowmya_k_