It’s the journey that matters the most while setting goals in life


We all are running for the goals, the things we want, for a few unfulfilled desires, and for everything we are looking for in this journey of life. And slowly and eventually we will achieve them all because we are working towards them but have, we stopped for a while and thought that what will matter most in the end?

Let me share a small story, I went on a SOLO Trip back in January 2021. This was the first time where I was completely traveling alone for the first time and was in no plan to meet anyone know. While I was on this expedition, numerous thoughts came in and one of the most prominent ones was the ecstasy of being on a journey of self-exploration.

It was just a two-day gateway to a place in the mountains but what mattered most was my journey of knowing myself a little more, seeing mountains and having a hot cup of coffee, reading a book in an unknown place, walking on a mountain trail, eating in a random café, listening birds chirping, waking up to an amazing sunrise, listening to rains while all tugged in a quilt and many more. The destination where I reached made no sense, but it was all about the journey of finding my soul’s needs and desires.

stuti gogia
Stuti Gogia

Similarly, in the journey of life, we will achieve everything we want to but what will always matter is our voyage towards the fulfillment of those desires, goals, and dreams.

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Because ultimately what matters most is the journey, not the destination because that’s what inspires people to keep moving. And as they say it right

“सफ़र खूबसूरत है मंजिल से भी”

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