When you are caught

In the storm of turmoils

And you cannot trace

A ray of light of hope

Dwell in the almighty

Where you will seek

The ultimate solace.

Brush off the dust of failure

Get up and show up the world

Nothing can stop you

From rising in life.

For, you have the endless power

To bring the best of you.

Do not look for happiness outside

For, you are the creator

of your paradise.

No matter how many times

You lose the grip of your success

Ignite your will power

To fly high in life.

It’s time not to get drowned

And get carried away

In the ocean of turbulence

Keep surging ahead

Keep the chaos of life aside.

Believe the sun will rise again

And the stars will shine again.

Featured Image Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

The Poem first appeared in Storizen Magazine December 2019


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