Let Go and Feel Liberated


I recently have started deep-diving into spirituality and getting many new life lessons as a part of it mostly on daily basis. The best of it all is “Let-Go”. Letting Go is the hardest thing to do especially for people like us who are in an era of technology and social media where life is so results and success-oriented. Because it’s not at all easy to Let go of numbers, likes, and following, and still maintain zeal for the content you are creating and creativity you are maintaining.

Krishna started preaching Let Go since “Mahabhartha” when he said “Karam Kro Phal ki chinta mat Karo” which means “Focus on your Work and do not worry about results” and that is the truest and easiest example of letting go. When we attach ourselves to either desires or results which we want as an input to that desire that’s where we start being slaves of our mind. True Liberation is freeing ourselves from everything we cannot control. 

lord krishna
Photo by Shiva Kumar from Pexels

All we need to be our best if efforts to sow a seed with fertilizers, soil, and regular care, and that should be our only motivation, let go of weeds and doubt about how the flowers are going to bloom.

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Let Go of everything which keeps you stuck in low energy vibrations.
Let Go of everything which attaches you to results.
Let Go of everything which puts you back in doubt
Let Go of everything which stops you to feel Liberate and Free

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