Life Does Not Always Give You What You Want

20 Years Ago…

It was a big day for Ankita’s life when she had let go of a big opportunity. You must be thinking about what I am talking about. Ankita was a studious girl who strived hard to get a chance at the Mumbai University to study Masters’s. She notched good marks and finally, she managed to get a seat in one of the best universities in India.

She stepped in on the first day of her university with full enthusiasm. While she was studying for her Masters, she was doing quite well and she started dreaming of doing a PhD. The two glorious years of her Masters’s went very well.

She scored very good marks in the first year of her Masters’s. She got encouragement to work harder in her final year. Her head of the department had huge expectations from her. She left no stone unturned to notch high scores in her final year. She burnt her midnight oil to do as best as she could to get the marks that will help her take her place in Ph.D.

As they say, life does not always give you what you want. This phrase fitted well for Ankita. The day of the result was approaching close. Ankita was not able to sleep at night, as she was constantly thinking about the result.

On the day of the result, she became devastated; as she got good marks, but the marks were not sufficient to make her place in Ph.D. It was only by a few marks she was away from doing a Ph.D.

Life-Does-Not-Always-Give-You-What You-Want

She was completely broken. Her friends and professors congratulated her for scoring very good marks. Although she was getting congratulatory wishes from many people, she was not happy at all. After scoring such good marks which helped her get the title of a “Master Degree Student”, Ankita’s eyes were filled with tears. Any student in her place would have rejoiced and celebrated.

One fine day, she got an invitation for convocation. The convocation letter was given from the Vice-Chancellor of Mumbai University. She tossed the invitation letter on the table, as if it did not matter to her in the least.

Ankita received phone calls from her classmates and her HOD to attend the convocation. She did not pick up anyone’s calls. Instead, she switched off her phone so that no one could disturb her.

The way Ankita had belittled her convocation ceremony had made her regret later. When a student gets an invitation to attend a convocation ceremony, she jumps with joy. It seemed that the convocation ceremony did not mean anything for Ankita. The reason for not attending the convocation ceremony is that she could not make it for the Ph.D. which was her biggest dream.

The day of convocation arrived finally when the invited students were rejoicing and jumping with joy. Their hearts were filled with joy on thinking that they would receive the convocation certificate from the hands of the Chancellor.

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Every student’s dream is to hold the post-graduation certificate in their hands, wearing the post-graduation cap, and get the post-graduation photos clicked. It is indeed a moment of pride for  the deserving students when they take the certificates from the hands of the honorable

Life-Does-Not-Always-Give-You-What You-Want
Photo by Ahmet Azakli from Pexels

Chancellor. The huge roar of applause by their families marks as the major achievement of the student’s life. The proud students doffed off their caps at the end of the ceremony and joined for the grand feast.

20 Years Later…

Ankita’s life has completely changed. Although she could not become a Doctorate, today, she has become a successful Editor in a renowned magazine company. She is having lunch in the pantry of her office with her colleagues.

A guy comes and tells Ankita that there is a letter for her in her cubicle. After lunch, she sits on her cushy chair and starts reading the letter. It was a letter from another magazine company whose chief editor wants to interview the success story of Ankita.

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This time, she wants to be interviewed. After missing out on the convocation ceremony, Ankita never missed out on a single opportunity that would be the reason for happiness for her.

On the day of the interview, she was asked, “Do you have any regrets in your life”? The only thing she remembered was the convocation day which she did not attend deliberately.

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She admitted that she wanted to pursue a Ph.D. which was the ultimate goal of her life. Ankita admitted that she did not attend the big day only because of her arrogance which she regrets even after 20 years. She wished if she could pause the button of the present year and flew off on that golden day of the convocation ceremony.

She regrets that all students and her family would have clapped and applauded for her too. She regrets that she missed getting the certificate from the Chancellor’s hand. She missed the photo of hers where she had been wearing the post-graduation cap.

At some point of time in our life, we do not pay importance to the joys which we miss because of our negative attitude. We run for big pleasures in life, not paying attention to the real joys of life which would linger in our mind forever.

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