Living In The Moment!

Surviving Love During Covid-19!

They were both sitting by the large window at costa coffee, airport Delhi

He was holding her hand, she was holding him and the sparkle in their eyes, who could miss out on love.
Love showed in his eyes while he was saying to her “don’t you dramatize it all?”  She said, “but I thought of you as soon as I opened my eyes, that was at 6 am, you gave me a call at 11 am!”

To that, in an instant, he replied so spontaneously that it brought tears to her eyes -“I was thinking of you all night, all night my darling”. She was looking deep into his eyes, they had just met at the airport and the airport anxiety, the wearing of the masks, the people around carrying a vague sense of gloom, each examining the other, searching for answers, knowing there were none, the universe was the master now. A tiny virus, totally invisible had changed the world, equalizing humanity, suddenly it did not matter what you owned, what you wore, what you were!! All that mattered was safety.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

For the very first time after a hundred years, the earth was in almost the same space as the Spanish flu in 1918. Fear gripped all and yet all had to remain calm. Italy had locked down, Spain was going to …. life had changed in weeks. She was living in another city while he lived with his parents in another. They were always meeting over the many years to be with each other whenever time permitted them to be. He sat looking into her water-filled eyes “why do you fear darling, we will meet somehow”.

Strangely enough, it was his voice that calmed her, she knew he was her solace to an alive life. She had suffered a lot, in her own health, emotional and physical in the past. She knew his words were the only ones that she understood, the words that calmed her, that lifted her once again to the resilience of living. She heard herself saying, “you know, I still fear death” and he said, “just means you love life, isn’t that good?” He was holding her hand tight in his this time, “live here, live now! You are the person of now, let the future be for what it is, we are together even if for a few hours, let’s make these moments our survival guide.”

She was smiling, in gratitude to the universe and smiling at him with her usual full smile, she then saw the yellow daisies with a purple sunbird printed on a scarf!! She was in her now!!

The line of yellow daisies with the purple sunbird!!

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