Mankneeling in front of God in Church

I’m not an atheist and I’m not a part of a planned religious group.

I am but a handshake with God.

‘God’…. that word has been overused, over-interpreted, and then defiled to a certain extent…

Some would say half of our world’s problems would disappear if God was not in the picture.

Maybe, maybe not!

Dagadusheth Halwai Ganapati God Images

However, why blame everything on that undefined force and not on the herd mentality we have as humans?

Validation, belonging and self-realization through others, is what most people associate with God.

God to me is just the opposite, it is believing in oneself, creating rather than destroying, and knowing you are never truly alone, even if you are sitting by yourself on a couch.

God is synonymous with spirituality, the journey to connect with oneself and be at peace with the revelation that comes through.

On several occasions have I discovered and touched the force, on several occasions when I could have swerved and crashed, has that force aligned me to stay on course.

God is but a personal dialogue for me when I almost gave up when I lost hope and was at my lowest!

When I became a mother, it was that life force touching me.

When I moved to another country and sought to build a new life, it was that force that made me stay afloat.

When COVID struck and I missed seeing my parents for 3 years, it was that force that did not let me lose hope.

man kneeling on grass near tree praying to god

Every second I breathe I can feel its presence, every wrong step that I take I face consequences.

However, God is not a ‘punishing stick’ nor a ‘wishing well’.

It is a barometer of your inner awareness!

Spirituality or ‘God’ to me is being so tuned to oneself that there is no way forward than the one filled with hope, compassion, and determination to go through with this journey called LIFE!

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