Monsoon Spell

The dark clouds just started to cover the entire sky that day as the Monsoon Spell began. Is it the symbol of heavy storms? Or just the wavy movement of clouds as usual? Is it so?

No, it was the Monsoon season entering the place as well as the hearts of many. Those small showers of rain sprinkling around the ground made the heated soil cool down. Smoky air came out from the ground with a pleasant smell which given a fresh feel to the heart. Trees were drenched by the raindrops. The cool air made the weather pure with its moisture.

The rainy season and the thoughts always keep connected with each other. The feeling does change with the environment we live in. Even the practice, lifestyle everything will alter with the season. Monsoon season seems like a festival for farmers especially.

The complete routine will be matched with Monsoon. Pure village life can be experienced to the fullest during Monsoon. Those droplets of rain keep the farm wet with the melodious sound of the river flowing by. Sunshine resembles the raindrops as the golden beads.

Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels

The farms which are covered with mountains and rivers will have the pleasant fresh feel of the foggy air. Early in the morning when the raindrops fall on the ground with their heavy force tease the farmer in between his work. With the sound of those insects, all around covered with water the farmer will have a friendly bonding with nature.

Thoughts come fresh with the climate. The calmness of the wind will slowly turn harsh as days pass during the Monsoon Spell. The warm feel at home when it’s raining outside will be a heavenly one. But for the farmer, Monsoon Spell speaks a lot. He should work always even during heavy rains. The whole year he waits for rain for his crops to turn green and grow well.

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Digging, cultivating, nurturing, caring and all things will go smoothly when it’s raining.  As the spring season makes his job easier and it too gives challenges for him sometimes. Even the hopeless mind may find peace during Monsoon. As the calm wind turns wild, as the showers of rain turn to flood, the same will be happening in everyone’s life.

Sometimes it feels easier to do, sometimes hopeless, sometimes full of enthusiasm, sometimes blank, sometimes bored and these are the changes we do feel in us.

Behind every feeling, there will be a reason so even the climate will have an impact. Monsoon season has words in it, a feeling in it, a thought in it. As it cooldowns the earth, it cools the tensed heart even. Be the person to feel those things as the season comes and goes.

Be with nature whenever you are happy and whenever you feel sad. Every season has its own flavor, but many will miss those things. When we match the feelings with nature, everything feels light even the heart is heavy out of a lot of thoughts. Monsoon Spell is a wait of heart when we compare it with something we desire to have.

That may be the Monsoon Spell for those willing heart waiting patiently as the farmer do. Feel the wind, feel the coolness, feel the loneliness, feel that calmness out of the Monsoon season. It speaks a lot, teaches a lot. Are you still here?

The wait is over, go hear a lot of things that Monsoon speaks. Once you miss it, again you have to wait for the next season too long. Deeply feel the season before it ends…. “The Monsoon Spell.”

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