My Journey Towards Light – Tejaswi Vajinepalli

Each and every one of us might have gone through a dark phase at some point or the other in our lives. Darkness is inevitable, tough times in life are never going to stop. Life is neither a bed of roses nor a bed of thorns. There is glee and there is gloom. There is appreciation and there is criticism. Darkness is essential because without experiencing the night, the importance of light would never be known.

To reach the light, we must cross the darkness. Sometimes we are so stuck in the darkness that we find comfort, solace and complete peace in the darkness that we give up on the hope of light. This happens often with many people, they compromise on a lot of things in life and slowly get habituated to living with compromise converting their life into a monotonous routine. Crossing darkness requires a small tool, something that would aid you to come out of the maze, open a door, unlock a closet and I call it “Source of hope”.

Everyone has that Source of hope towards life that thrives them to live better. But most of the time, this fact is often neglected. Most of the times having a tool isn’t sufficient, one should have the expertise of how to use it. And at this point, every one of us requires a trainer to train how to utilize that source of hope. Source of Hope is not just an abstract but a school to teach the usage as well and that includes a special person in life.

I witnessed many of my friends suffer from life on different issues and healed with the help of that one special person. I have one such person as well. Help always arrives in one form or other. Supernatural Power never leaves us alone. There are mostly two types of help that arrive, one type keeps coming up when needed, the other type comes and completely changes us as a person. I got the second kind of help.

I was in despair and completely out of hope when she arrived uninvited. She is an absolute stranger to me when I met her. I met her with a mask that I put on to avoid people but she saw the person behind the mask and yet considered me as a normal person. She helped me create hope again, clarified my every confusion, gave insights to my every thought, listened patiently to my venting, supported me in shedding tears and crying, she made me handle relationships better, think in a clearer and broad-minded perspective.

I always felt that I needed another person to complete me but she made me realize that what I needed was myself. It took 18 months for her to put me back as a whole from my scattered pieces. I owe her so much for transforming me like this. I was habituated by judging myself depending on how others treated me. She explained that they are not worth your time. I assumed only if people hang out or spend time with us we were valuable to them.

In truth, I was looking for validation from them that I was important and when that arrived, my happiness knew no bounds. Working on one thing at a time, she ruled out all my insecurities and made me a better decision-maker. She made sure I did not require any mask. The moral of this article is that there is always light on the other side of the tunnel. No matter how long or deep the tunnel is, you will always be guided towards light and hope for Hope is what keeps us alive.

You are never alone in this, you will get help and conquer the darkness. Be grateful to everything that you have, believe in yourself that you are courageous enough to face it. Problems always come to warriors who can face them and warriors never quit. Fight with all the strength every single time life throws a problem at you trying to push you into darkness. We fought to see the light by pushing as much as possible before coming out of the mother’s womb. Never be comfortable in darkness for there is no life there.

Author’s Bio –

Tejaswi Vajinepalli is an avid reader and a passionate writer. He loves to express himself through his words. He is currently working with TCS and is based out of Chennai. He dreams of becoming a writer someday to write a book on self-help narrating all his life experiences. He is currently looking for opportunities to seep into the writing industry to gain exposure and experience.