Nature – A Beautiful Path to Wellness!

I’ve always been an admirer of nature and fancied trees, flowers, birds, and sunsets for as long as I can remember. Feeling the fresh air, hearing the birds singing, seeing the budding flowers, and watching the parade of clouds arouse my innermost feelings of happiness and peace. Given a chance, I can happily spend hours observing the sky colors, strolling beneath the beautiful trees, relishing the cold breeze, or listening to the sound of waves.

Amidst these restrictive times, we all miss going out, be it on a trek, or hang out with friends. While on the other hand, nature has a different story to share. With more than a third of the world’s population under lockdown, nature has gotten a chance of resurgence. While nature is rejoicing, humankind is suffering. 

Not only lockdown, but this pandemic also came with ample emotions like anxiety, fear, panic attacks, and whatnot. Like many people, I also started experiencing panic attacks ever since the lockdown began. Fear and anxiety gripped me so firmly that getting up and leaving my bed every morning seemed like a challenge. I felt miserable. Somewhere in my heart, I knew that once this situation eases out, I’ll be fine. But, I didn’t want to be dependent on the external forces to make myself feel better. That is when I realized that I would have to take a stand for myself and do everything in my capacity or beyond to crush the emotional turmoil I was going through. 

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Don’t let the coronavirus stop you from enjoying nature. 

They say when you are away from something, you tend to miss it the most. Being away from nature made me so vulnerable and lifeless that mood swings and exasperation became the new normal to me. That’s when I realized the need to unlock myself and go out a little. I started going out for walks in my community, sitting in the open air, watching sunsets, and spending time with plants in my balcony. 

Strolling in the cold breeze soothed my senses like never before and brought back the balance much needed. Watching sunsets have given me a fresh perspective on life and made me feel so grateful and appreciative of many things. The more I started spending time with nature, the more I began to feel the life within. I have become more mindful of what I see, what I hear, and what I think. 

Have you ever wondered why people choose to book hotels with a beautiful view? Have you ever wondered why we go out in fresh air to figure things out when stress takes a toll on our mind? Nature has the magic power to heal our overall health and makes us feel connected to the environment. It plays a profound role in helping us heal our minds and bodies and cultivate holistic balance and growth. Even a short walk on the terrace does big wonders. Spending time with plants have more significant benefits; it boosts our intuitive ability and creative impulse. Nature heals our overall health and rejuvenates our spirit.

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I was recently introduced to meditation, and I decided to start meditating in the open air around plants and birds. Mystically, I found that there is a deeply spiritual side to connecting with nature that has helped provide me with a powerful sense of self. 

Now that I can’t spend more time outdoors in parks or gardens, I have brought a touch of the outdoors inside my home. I have added more indoor plants in my home and started learning the art of propagating more plants. 

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Do you think you need more reasons to go back to nature? Make a conscious decision today to walk barefoot on the grass, to add more plants in your life, and embrace nature like never before. 


Blog Name: The Wanderer

Short bio: Born and raised in Delhi, Mansi currently lives in San Francisco. She is fueled by her passion for understanding the nuances of cross-cultural public relations and marketing. She considers herself a ‘forever learner’ and always keen on learning new ways to work on ordinary things.

Speaking of hobbies, home decor, gardening, and art are what keeps her sane. All the colors make her happy, but yellow is her favorite.

She is “her people” person and cannot be an extrovert all the time. It takes special people who she can be herself with; otherwise, she is entirely a “quiet” person.

She is still on her way to know herself better!

This story appeared in Storizen Magazine June 2020 issue.

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