A poem by Krishna Hingane

The mind, just like a pillow, is filled with thoughts and wool.

It is a concoction of good and bad wool stuffed upto a full.

The body,the case is beautiful to look upon and gaze at

But it is the wool which decides if it is a man or a brat.

Pillows have seen ambitions and aspirations

Some mighty and some high, Countless plan and feelings have they heard

When no one was standing by.

Vivid, intricate drapings have they adorned on happy and sunlit days.

Inferior wool have they concealed behind the cloud of colorful haze.

On nights starless, they have provided shelter to filth and unwelcome dust,

Torn between finery and flexibility, they have learnt to make peace with what seems just.

Countless mishandling have they accepted silently like a mother’s heart

Significant weights have they cradled perfectly like a farmer’s cart.

If nurtured aptly, pillows come across as an affair of honor for the mattress

A silent solace,on low days, they will provide to the mourning mistress.

If not cared for properly,the silk sheets lose their beauty and their shape,

And become the bearer of horrors that leave a trail of cold shivers down the nape.

The poem depicts a pillow as a materialistic mind and shows how good upbringing and care bear positive outcomes. It aims to show the reader that an object as trivial as a pillow can relate to our own life in its own unique manner. Nowadays, all of us are so caught up in the materialistic pleasures of life, ranging from cars to beautiful bedcovers, that we forget to take care of ourselves. Our mind, our thoughts shape up our future and it is certainly necessary to nurture it, nourish it and cherish it.