Seasons that give you Lessons – A Poem by Namrata Thakur


Sun shinning bright in the sky,

Chirping birds soaring high.

Summer mornings setting,

Major success goals in each and

Everyone’s eye.

Relaxation mood start to occupy,

Still aims of reaching heights intensify.

That is Summer

Summer is that refreshment by,

Cool flowing breeze.

Summer is that adjustment,

Along with getting contented

By sensible usage of water.

Summer is experience of satisfaction,

When you receive just by one sip of water.

Summer is feeling of frustration,

Which you get in scorching sun.

You keep searching shade for relaxation

Which leaves you teaching patience.

Summer means that lovable

Await for vacations,

While exam preparation.

Summer is that process of completion,

When trees shed leaves and lead to


It teaches you let go all bitter memories of relations,

While starting new growth with dedication.

Embracing the change,

That everything is going through,

But no matter what you will be reborn again.

That moment when just few

Drops of inviting rain,

Replenish your every vein.

You get new enthusiasm,

To work hard.

That teaches there’s no

Importance to life without fruitful gain.

The poem first appeared in the Storizen Magazine May 2018 Issue. You can read it here.


Namrata Thakur is an practicing architect from Nashik while an author by passion. She already had an hand in writing essays and speeches during her school days. She is strong beliver of simplicity is the best form of sophistication. The best teacher to her in world is travelling.She better knows that observation makes person always the better from the previous ones. She has her works earlier published as a contributing author in various anthologies.All she wants is to make her writings a medium to bring out a change towards to betterment of society. You can contact her on or her twitter handle @namratathakur14. Or you can follow her on Facebook @authornamrata or Instagram id- profond_inks.