Shadow Side Of Greatness

In the softness of the morning dew

In the chirping of the birds a few

You walk along –nice and tall

Giving me a sense of life new

When the sun of my life shines brighter

Your baleful presence turns tighter

Increasing the proximity dangerously

And turning me into a helpless fighter

Your scornful feature abstract

Tries all its ways to distract

But I stand fearless

And my eyes refuse to contract

When I walk faster to catch up with life

You chase me steady soaring my fright

Throttling me into a grip tight

I wish for a soothing rain

I look for a dark cloud

I desire you to vanish

Miles away behind the unknown crowd

I know you are ambitious

But I am hopeful

I am helpless

But still soulful

You laugh at me with dreadful eyes

But I must tell without me you lose your guise

You are just a contour and I am real

You might do the alchemy

But I dwell

I am the greatness and you are my shadow

I am focused but you do so much ado

You show me the sad and lows

Welting me strange blows

You sneer and release the other side of the coin

But you often forget that if I leave the world

You will have no one to join

(Written By Dipanjana Nath)

The poem was first published in Storizen Magazine August 2019 Issue