Silent Love by Himani Agarwal

A thousand words to be heard, a thousand talks to be said,

As we move together in our life ahead.

Yet your silence covers it all,

Leaving me absolutely enthrall.


Unexpressed array of sentiments and a table of reveries

The unstated things down the lane of memories.

I comprehend it as your eyes speak,

The essence of our relationship unique and mystique!!


Your silence is as deep as ocean,

Enriching the passion and emotion;

As I look into your eyes,

Only to learn those words still unspoken.


You keep emotions buried under the floor;

But now I hear your silence,

As I enter in your world understanding it more.

Saying nothing sometimes says the most;

And I promise I will fulfill those unstated dreams of yours.


Silence is the speech of Love;

The music of the spheres above.

And so I promise to complete you;

Even when you say nothing at all!!!