Six reasons why elderly people are important in your life


Every age has its own charm but despondently when it comes to old age, elderly people, our society has taken a few steps backward and tremendously failed to look at the bright side. When it comes to job opportunities, many so-called good companies slam the doors for experienced & wise people. If an elderly try to join a new course, apply for a job, join as a club member, visit his/her child’s office, accompany grand-children, our society gives stupefying reactions.

The love and tenderness which a newborn gets, the same is required for the elderly people but they are woodenly shunned. It’s disgraceful to see the rampant emergence of old-age homes in a country that is well known for its morality. A nation wherein the people have a deep reverence for priests, saints and are good at debating over what’s right and what’s wrong but turn gibberish towards the elder population. How one treats the (known/unknown) elder population tells a lot about a person’s ethical value.

Here is the list of reasons which will justify why we need to revamp our modern thinking for elderly people:

1. Old Age is an asset:

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Whether it is wisdom or experience, elderly people are on the upper edge. I have worked with a 35-year-old employer and 75-year-old employers and realized where more sincerity, maturity, calmness, balance, ethics, and consciousness lie on. It’s not a generalization, but, due to deep focus and attention retention, elderly people have the ability to think more intelligently and ethically. For example, PM Modi, Ratan Tata, Lata Mangeshkar, Usha Soman have proved that age is just a number and are gleefully sharing their blessings with others.

2. Some people are young at 80 while others are old at 18:

Due to the influence of the virtual world and too many indoor activities, the youth is comparatively less active than it used to be. The elder population is much smarter in managing multifarious tasks as compared to the youth. But the emphasis is always focused on youth which stands for naivety, hasty judgment, and lack of discernment. The biographies of the famous old men and women suggest that they have continued their productive activities into the years well beyond the normal span of life.

3. Old age implies one has more wisdom & life experiences:

Indeed, age is the dawn of wisdom. Life is short to have bad experiences, and we must learn from the mistakes of others. The elder population is much more involved in the inner world than the outer world, therefore, they have much more to offer. One is more likely to acquire life-related wisdom from their grandparents, elderly family members, teachers, employers, and seniors.

4. Old people are much needed:

Some employers shut down the doors for the people who are 40+ as the emphasis seems to be on youth. If the employer replaces their shallow thinking and realizes that the elder people are not selling their age, rather willing to share their skills, talents, understanding, and wisdom gathered over the years on the marketplace of life. Whether it is school, college, office, or home, we need old people for their guidance, love, and blessings. We need them more than they need us. It’s our time to help them to welcome the change gracefully.

5. Old people are young by mind and spirit:

Old age is often regarded as a second childhood, but they are not given the same amount of care and admiration as a child. Whether it is in the workplace or at home, society wants to get rid of them. They should not be asked to resign or leave because of their age, as it is the time when they could be more useful in the organization or home. They don’t need your money; they just need some emotional support. They usually don’t react to the tantrums and chaos as they are tapped in their spiritual world and have the ability to think justly and meekly.

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6. Starting over a new venture:

We must not let our older population become the prisoners of society rather we must motivate them to be a producer. It’s never too late to set and start over a new dream or goal. Madame Ernestine Schumann- Heink, reached the pinnacle of her musical success after she became a grandmother. Isaac Newton was hard at work close to 85. Socrates learned to play musical instruments when he was 80 y/o. George Bernard Shaw was active at 90 whereby the artistic quality of his mind had not relaxed from active duty. It’s our obligation to provide the healthiest and peaceful environment to our senior citizens.

Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art.”

– Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

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