The Summer of Surprises – Manushreya Sharma

While celebrating Karl Marx’s 200th birthday on 5th May, I was reminded of my cultural exchange programme to Germany. It was two years ago that I had been to Germany with my friends and teachers for a research project. His birthday reminded me of all the kazillion memories especially one with his statue in Trier city. Back then, I didn’t understand much of his ideas about life and struggles that we face on daily basis. But now, I cherish of being back to Trier and live all those magical moments again.


It seems like a fantasy of meeting my host sister and hanging out with her family. It was not about the places that I had visited or the clothes that I shopped there, but the people whom I met, the eye glances I exchanged and those warm hugs that I still crave.

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When I think about it now, my heart is filled with the warmth of the sky amidst the chilling water flowing through my feet and happiness just the way I got while talking to my German mom with just our eyes. There was something really special about everything that came my way. I had never imagined the fact that I would be visiting Germany and that too being a fourteen year old with minimal knowledge of German. It was never the place that was associated with all the dreams that I had in my heart. Ironically, it turned out to be my place full of love, laughter, and comfort. If I could ever travel back in time, I would wish to be back and unfold all the more craziness and adventure with my bunch of lovelies.


Somehow, destiny surprised me with million priceless memories and musings. Those were the perfect kind of summers. My days were filled with new experiments with new things and people, learning new values and imparting whatever little I possessed. It was not just any other vacation or workstation but a power booster for me and all of us.


I have written enough about my German diaries but every time I ponder over it again, I discover a new light and life inside me. There is always one place, one memory of persons who created it and one emotion that is always there in heart no matter where we are. This place has that part of my life that I carry wherever I go. With the passage of time, some tangible things stayed and others have forgotten while the intangible knowledge, heritage, and sweet emotions are all I have.

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Someday, while you will be alone and life will be still, a place where you had met your own self and made you feel blessed; that would be your summer of surprises. Ponder of it and let the magic mesmerize you.

The story first appeared in May 2018 Issue of Storizen Magazine. You can read the Magazine here.