The Art of Letting Go


Let’s imagine that the world is going to end tomorrow and you have only 24 hours left- what will be your priority- yourself, family, mentors, friends, job, knowledge, beauty, materialistic possessions, fame, spirituality, dwelling in the past or any other thing? The answer would vary from person to person but 95% of individuals would like to spend their last day with high morals and standards. Instinctively, there will be bountiful love, generosity, meekness, and sweetness all around for the tail end.

The miscellaneous5% would fall under the category of people who would selfishly attempt to feed their ego at that time. We are God-fearing individuals rather than God-loving spirits. We all are the creator’s special creation(s) and we only realize the same when we have less time left. Why veneer the good behavior and deeds for the last days, why not ingrain the magical acts now and every day?

Photo by Anastasia Pavlova from Pexels

Thinking about oneself is not impolitic but creating disruptions in other people’s life is indeed foolhardy. Realistically, we all have intentionally and inadvertently been engulfed in minor and major misdoings in life which have disgruntled someone. We must take a minute to wonder and have an action check- how would we feel when the same thing is done unto us?

We live in a world that is adversely swayed by the rat race, social media, 60% freakish and melodramatic (imprudent) social persuaders to whom we mindlessly follow and tend to be pretentious. Expressing your emotions and thoughts is a natural process but with time and situation, we must be wise enough to understand the repercussions attached to it.

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In the contemporary world wherein people, materialistic things, and feelings attached to them are temporary- it comes and goes with an exception of the special (irreplaceable) ones who occupy a big space in our heart regardless of distance, time, and space.

Letting go of your emotions, bad chapters of life, and past experiences do require patience, the art of acceptance, wisdom, mindfulness, humility, inner compassion, and understanding the latent virtues that lie behind the series of events whether good or bad.

During this festive season of Dussehra which marks the celebration of the triumph of good over evil, let’s pledge to fight against the ten demons in our life: arrogance, anger, deception, greed, lust, jealousy, procrastination, hatred, sorrow, and fear. Endeavor to make your life more purposeful by getting rid of the inner evils and letting go of anything that pulls you down. Friendly Reminder: Past is over, Future on the road- Act shrewdly now!

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