The Beauty of ZERO in our Life

Let me introduce myself. Hi, my name is Zero. The world associates me with multiple contexts in both tangible and intangible ways. For the materialistic world, I am a “value” for the emotional state I am a ‘level’ and for spirituality, a ‘Circle of life.

I have so many symbolic names Billon-Trillion, Zenith, Void, Shoonya… 

There is no one like me whose interpretation changes with the circumstances. However, one thing is sure if the world learns to use me in all contexts in the right proportion, then it can enjoy a balance between materialism and spirituality. A balance that helps us to achieve desired objectives of our life while maintaining the peace and harmony of our soul for nurturing our well-being.

Yes, this is a beauty of zero, which symbolizes the pivot of balance for two opposite forces…

I (zero) am a symbol of a ‘’beginning’’ in the world of mathematics. Why not use me similarly in your respective lives. When the set of circumstances in life bring you to Lowest(Zero) point with a sudden jolt, don’t panic! Just think of me as your friend and not your foe. I am here to help you to give a fresh start. So, use me as an opportunity to take a break from the norms of life which are bugging you. 

I am your anchor who gives you a chance to pause and open up the pages of life to rethink, rediscover, recharge your state of affairs to bring out relevant changes in your existing life. 

Whether it’s the failures of lost dreams or a phase of no passion left in life, don’t allow a sense of emptiness to embed in you when life comes to a sudden halt. Shake it off! …ring the reminder bells that I (zero) help you assemble and amplify your wits for better meaningful well-being.

So, how do I work? Simple, at point zero, you’ve nothing to lose. You will only be climbing the steps as I am the lowest one.

So, instead of sulking, why not use me as a restart button to reboot your thoughts.

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels

Let’s take the example of Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, one of the greatest captains India has ever had, who damaged one of his eyes permanently in an accident. He was at the peak of his cricket career and, with a jolt, his career and life came to Zero point and left him emotionally and physically devastated. But instead of brooding and falling into the pits of self-pity, Pataudi bounced back more fearlessly, playing cricket with just one eye. He used me (zero) as a fresh start of life to climb back again.

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Failures/tragedies/changes in life/goal fulfillment anything can bring you to my step(zero). If you gaze at me with positiveness, I will be your buddy to help you rebound with double vigorous zeal to achieve your real goals. 

Acknowledge my presence with every aspect of your life. Love me but never stay with me, use me as a resting abode before taking the next stride in your life with full vigor.

Marvel Entertainment, the production house for movies like Spidermen, The Avengers, and Guardians of the Galaxy, went bankrupt in 1996 when their primary focus was on comic books only. At the stage of Zero, the company re-analyzed its errors and strategies and moved towards the movie production business. Rest is history it’s now billions of dollars worth of company with millions of fans following around the world. 

Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi

Remember!!! At point Zero, life provides you with an opportunity to pause, think, analyze, strategize and plan for futuristic life and goals.

The stage of Zero is very commonly felt, with retiring age when you switch to ‘’no goals to achieve’’ mode in your life. But the wiser one uses me (zero) to start a better meaningful perspective of life by switching to the mode of ‘’a giver’’.

They impart their years of experience, wisdom, and knowledge for the betterment of the world around them.

Another most spectacular feature of me (zero) was, well defined by Mahatma Gandhi- When you reduce yourself to zero, your power becomes invincible. Wondering how?… Similar to me (zero), the power of simplicity can add value to anything it attaches to in the living world. (read more about it in my other blog (Minimalism the way to Rediscover life.) 

Connect with yourself spiritually and work on it to zero down your ego, intolerance, judgmental attitude, and expectations. The power of simplicity or minimalism creates an aura of calmness and contentment around you. An aura that attracts others to reach out to you without any hesitation but trust. Your companionship enlightens their persona. Thus, adding value to their lives. Padma Shri awardee Tulsi Gowdais a living example of it. 

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What we need to understand is that anything in the circle is bound to end and then restart. It’s a rule of nature that is marvelously spotted in the Sun – again, a Shoonya or circle of life.  So, whenever you feel life is at zero point, don’t sit back and cry on the spilled milk but gear up yourself for a new start to climb back again in life.

I can go on & on speaking more about my relevance. What I shared till now are mere glimpses….however from here on, I leave on individuals to rediscover & redefine me in their respective lives. You can hate me or love me but can’t ignore my humble existence in both the real and virtual worlds. The choice is all YOURS!!!

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Ankur R. Gupta
Former Human Resource personnel, now a Certified Content Creator, Blogger & Author. My work is extensively inspired by a famous saying - if you're looking out for someone to bring change in your life, look into the Mirror. You're the key to your happiness. My writings reflect on the relevance of self-love, self-development, real happiness, motivated lifestyle, and health. I am always curious to know more about the human psyche and the world around me. I firmly believe in you're the key to your happiness. My writings reflect on the relevance of self-love, self-development, real happiness, motivated lifestyle, and health. I am always curious to know more about the human psyche and the world around me.