There you come

In every form,

Sometimes in rain

Sometimes in the storm.

There you bestow

Your never-ending bliss,

Through gleaming moon

You send tranquil and peace.

Your ecstasy can be sensed

Through blooming flowers,

Everything appears to be powerless

In front of your supreme power.

Where the world is battling over

Caste and creed

You come to my rescue

Whenever I need it.

You pick me up

Whenever I fall,

I get you near me

Whenever I call.

I search for you in love

I see you in my prayers

I know you are beside me

In my success, in my despair.

Worries, pain, and tears

Are no more in me,

I have come to know

You were then, now and forever with me.

You be with one

You be with all,

Different names your children call Thee

Some say Lord, some say Almighty.

This poem was first published in Storizen Magazine January 2020 Issue


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